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Princess Peach: Showtime’s Trailer Reveals Four New Transformations

Princess Peach: Showtime’s Trailer Reveals Four New Transformations
Image: Nintendo

The upcoming game Princess Peach: Showtime, dropping on March 22, 2024, gets a trailer. It reveals four exciting new transformations, including a mermaid peach, a dashing thief peach, a superhero, and a figure skater peach, coming up in the new game. With her new transformations, Peach’s character will save her friends and fight her enemies with style.

This new batch joins the previously revealed batch, which included Swordfighter, Kung-Fu Peach, Detective Peach, Patisserie, Ninja Peach, and Cowgirl Peach. Not only this, each of them has their own unique looks and skills. In the game, the princess gets kidnapped and has the ability to transform into various professions, making it interesting and worth playing.

The new Princess Peach: Showtime transformations are listed below.

Figure skater Peach: This Peach skates on ice and attacks enemies while spinning around. It is on a 2.5D platform.

Dashing Theif Peach: She navigates through parkour stunts on the rooftops and hooks on the higher levels.

Mermaid Peach: She sings melodious songs and guides the small fish with the help of its music. 

Mighty Peach: She fights with her opponents and enemies with laser blasts and uses a jetpack to chase the enemies in the air. This one is a superhero.

The Princess Peach: Showtime will be a paid game, costing $60 as soon as it is available for playing. In addition to that, one can preorder it as well. Also, the Nintendo store is selling  Joy-cons in beautiful pink and yellow pastel colors for the game. The game can cost around $80 if the Joy-Cons are included.

Peach has several unique skills and abilities to switch many professions within the game and make the game stand out in front of others. Besides, the game’s controllers are way more cute and beautiful than the previous ones and come in handy.

Video by Nintendo of America

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