Pros and Cons of Group Psychotherapy

Pros and Cons of Group Psychotherapy
Pros and Cons of Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy is a highly engaging experience for people who opt for the activity. However, a lot of people ask about its probable drawbacks too. This article will discuss the pros and cons of group psychotherapy. For more information, check out

What is Psychotherapy?

The concept of psychotherapy is relatively new for people seeking it for the first time. Thankfully, the basic idea is straightforward to explain. Simply put, it is a treatment of mental conditions. The treatment is done through psychological means, rather than using medications. It is also referred to as talk therapy but is much more than merely talking. It is something like being counseled based on different situations.

Pros of Group Psychotherapy

Pros and Cons of Group Psychotherapy
Pros and Cons of Group Psychotherapy

Ability to relate to others:​ When people know that many others are in a similar situation as them, it is comforting. Group therapy offers a chance to meet others and form a support network apart from one developed with a therapist.

It is confidential:​ All therapy sessions are supposed to be confidential. The information shared is not allowed to leave the room, except for a few instances. The privacy of the patients attending therapy sessions is not at risk. People attending sessions are made to sign a form containing information about privacy policies.

It is judgment Free:​ Patients can speak their mind without the fear of being judged. Some other is likely to be worried about the same thing, so no one is alone.

Cons of Group Therapy

Less Personal Attention:​ A disadvantage of the group session is that you don’t get dedicated attention. Though you get a chance to speak, it is encouraging, but there are others too, so you get a little time.

It is Not for Everyone:​ Although many find group sessions effective and enjoyable, everyone is not ideal. People who suffer from social anxiety may find it difficult and experience increased tension in the setting of a group physiotherapy session.


People who attend any therapy session report positive outcomes. By attending a group session, many find comfort by being with others. has a network of highly professional and licensed counselors who can effectively address issues.

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