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Putlocker is a widely known video streaming site. Other sites like and were not as popular as Several countries have concluded that sites like Putlocker were violating the copyright law, and as a result, the audience or the users were facing the consequences. To avoid malware and virus threats and also to conceal their identity, the users had to take some online security measures.

More and more TV and web series are being released on video streaming sites, and the problem in watching these series are their quite hefty subscription fee and the challenge of geographically barrier meaning if one user is subscribed from one country then that user cannot have access to the streaming site once they leave that country.

What is Putlocker? How does it function?

Putlocker is an online index comprising of hosted movies, TV shows, and music. One can have access to the media files from other places because they are not hosted by Putlocker itself. This site was originated in the UK (2011).

It was ranked 250th in the most viewed websites worldwide. Mega upload was shut down as soon as the order from the High Court was declared. Putlocker had to change their domain several times as attempts were being made to close the website. In 2014, when the site moved to, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Department of UK seized the site. After this, it changed its URL to, an Icelandic domain which displayed an error message since 2016.

Once again, it changed its domain to, and it worked for a while before getting seized due to a case with the Belgian Entertainment Association and then it was stated as a significant piracy threat by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Best Sites Like PUTLOCKER.TO

After the shutdown, several other replicas of original putlocker site were popping up before they were repressed again. Even after the introduction of putlocker9 in 2019 where users could stream putlocker movies, but people were hesitant whether it is reliable or not. So in this article, you will find more secure and safe alternative websites other than putlocker where you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows without any interruption.

Alternatives to Putlocker


This is well known for its clean, fast, and easy to use features. The interference is not so good, but it allows you to watch your movies and shows quickly. It has its own categories and also a search function which is required mostly. Some media are obscure, but most of them are popular and trending. The streaming will be seamless and the quality of the video will good if you have an excellent internet connection, and it is a torrent-based app and requires good VPN if you want to use it.



It is similar to Solar Movie but in the matter of interface more important is paid in FMovies. The overall browsing experience is way better at FMovies with more Hollywood titles and more trending shows in its categories. When it comes to streaming online, FMovies can falter because when they are at a peak load, the video takes up a minute to play the video. To watch a video, you have to click the video you want to stream, and eventually, the video will continue playing, but sometimes a popup ad appears, if you leave the page alone the video starts playing after a while. FMovies is a torrent-based app, so you need to keep your VPN on as you are a part of the distribution network.


It has been circling the streaming video site list for a while now, and it may be a replica of the original, but it is not confirmed. Replica or not, this version of the site works well. The website is slick and has a variety of movies and several categories with the search function. If the user wants to stream a foreign movie, they can easily filter the options, and as a result, users have a good experience while searching. Selection is easy, you select the title you want to watch after that you will be automatically taken to the video page, and the video will start playing after a few seconds. The loading of media os smooth without any buffering and providing HD videos.

Now you know that there are other alternatives other than putlocker. The alternatives mentioned above are efficient and entertaining. The policies may differ in different countries, but one can always select an alternative which suits one’s requirements most.

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