Record-Breaking K-Drama ‘Queen Of Tears’ To Bring Extra Episodes For Fans

Record-Breaking K-Drama ‘Queen Of Tears’ To Bring Extra Episodes For Fans

Fans of Queen of Tears will be delighted to know that the superhit K-drama will treat them with a special two-part episode. It stars Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won, and the couple has already received immense love for their chemistry worldwide. Nevertheless, its captivating storyline has already made it one of the best shows in the industry. To learn more about Queen of Tears and its bonus episodes, keep reading.

What is the plot of Queen of Tears?

The story of this record-breaking Korean drama follows Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In, a couple who start to feel marital burnout after three years of marriage. Hyun Woo gets emotionally tired due to his wife’s distant behavior and her wealthy family’s wishes, so he decides to split up and file for divorce. Soon, he finds out that Hae In has a terminal illness, and he regrets his divorce decision. Queen of Tears emphasizes how the couple rekindles their passionate love for each other.

Record-Breaking K-Drama ‘Queen Of Tears’ To Bring Extra Episodes For Fans

Audience response to Queen of Tears 

The rom-com has created a stir in the K-drama world. The show, which first premiered on March 9, has fans not only limited to the local audience but has also received global love due to Netflix.

Moreover, it is the third highest-rated K-drama ever on tvN and has received acclaim from the audience. Even on Netflix, it has secured the first spot in the non-English category and has become one of the most watched and popular shows in this category on the streaming giant. 

Meanwhile, if we talk about more than numbers, Queen of Tears has also received praise and love on social media, with fans giving the show reviews better than one can imagine.

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Queen of Tears bonus episodes release date

The beloved drama will premiere its final episode on April 28. The two new bonus episodes will be released on May 4 and May 5. Further details about the show’s conclusion are yet to be revealed. However, netizens expect it to have a cliffhanger ending. Moreover, these special additions are reportedly added to give the storyline a tight and robust conclusion.

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In essence, it will be intriguing to see how the couple reignites the spark in their burnout marriage. The series’ popularity has also increased viewers’ expectations. With this surge in popularity, fans are waiting for the drama to break all records in television history.

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