Rick Ross Says ‘Can’t-Wait To Go Back’ Vancouver After a Music Festival Assault

Rick Ross Says ‘Can't-Wait To Go Back’ Vancouver After a Music Festival Assault

The American rapper, Rick Ross, is doing well after an alleged attack after suffering an attack at a music festival in Canada.

The violence, that took place against William Leonard Roberts II, was during his performance at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver on Sunday, June 30, 2024.

The captured footage, which was viral on social media, featured Ross in an argument with a male festival attendee. Later, the men threw a punch at the rapper’s face which prompted a fight between the individuals.

In another similar footage, a man was featured unresponsive lying on the ground; reportedly, the man was knocked unconscious after the attack.

While several media outlets reached out to Ignite Music Festival and Vancouver Police representatives for comment, none of them provided a statement on the topic.

On July 2, 2024, Rick Ross took to Instagram to post a photograph of himself posing in front of a jet plane. The “Champagne Moments” singer, captioned the social media post, “Vancouver it was fun, till next time”; however, he did not mention about the assault.

Later, the rapper responded to TMZ, in a media report and stated that none of his team members suffered a serious injury. The celebrity’s statement added, “Vancouver is a beautiful city, and (I) can’t wait to go back,”

However, another rapper, 50 Cent, issued a sarcastic statement showcasing concern to Ross. His statement read, “Hey guys. I just saw a very unfortunate situation that took place in Canada, and I want to say to everyone that I hope that that brother made it home safely,” he said in the video. “I hope that he now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do while you’re out in the world. That part where that young guy went like — he did this little move and shit and got knocked the f— out — that does not reflect him. That reflects his camp.”

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