Screenwriter Walter Hill to Receive Writers Guild Laurel Award

Screenwriter Walter Hill to Receive Writers Guild Laurel Award

American screenwriter and producer Walter Hill has been named the recipient of the Laurel Award by the Writers Guild of America West for his achievement in screenwriting. The WGAW wrote in a press release,

The Guild’s lifetime achievement award is presented to members who have ‘advanced the literature of motion pictures and made outstanding contributions to the profession of the screenwriter.’

Appreciating the 48 Hrs.’s writer, the WGAW President, Meredith Stiehm, said,

Walter Hill’s impact on our industry is undeniable.

His unique style influenced and educated generations of screenwriters who followed. He has had an enduring, renowned career, and the Guild is honored to present him with the Screen Laurel Award.

Some of his most popular projects include The Driver, The Warriors, and Southern Comfort. Meanwhile, the Emmy Award-winner has written The Getaway, Last Man Standing, and Dead For A Dollar, among others.

The 84-year-old screenwriter started his writing career in the early 1970s with movies such as Hickey and Boggs, The Getaway, The Mackintosh, and The Drowning Pool. By the mid-1970s, he kickstarted his directing career with the 1975 movie Hard Times.

Nevertheless, Hill garnered a huge fan base after co-writing and directing The Warriors. Then, he also co-produced and co-wrote movies like Aliens and Alien 3.

The Long Riders, Geronimo, and Wild Will are some of his most notable projects. Moreover, his writing and directing credits also include Streets of Fire, The Driver, Red Heat, and The Assignment.

The acclaimed writer won the Cartier Glory to the Filmmaker Award at the Venice International Film Festival for his film Dead for a Dollar in September 2022. Walter Hill has been the recipient of two Emmy awards and two DGA awards for his remarkable work in the 2004 film Deadwood and the 2008 film Broken Trail. The Guild’s lifetime achievement award is expected to be presented in April this year.

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