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‘Sense8’ Book is going to be released in June 2021

‘Sense8’ Book is going to be released in June 2021

Although it’s been a total of three years since the final episode of Sense8 aired on Netflix. But the fandom behind the show still lives on. Everything of this is documented there by British book-based academics Deborah Shaw and Rob Stone. The book will be called Sense8: Transcending Television and is going to be released in June 2021.

As a quick recap, this is a science fiction series by visionaries Lana and Lilly Wachowski and has a roller coaster ride on Netflix. But still, this is one of the most unique titles that the streaming platform has so far. Sense8 went on to produce two seasons before an untimely cancelation but after flashback and a good campaign, it was brought back for a final movie that looked to tie up loose ends.

Probing further, the fandom is now being celebrated in the new book that is titled Sense8: Transcending Television. This book is written by Deborah Shaw- a professor at Portsmouth University. Rob Stone is also the writer of this book and is a professor at the University at Birmingham.

What is the book about and who is it for?

This is the book that came from a group of brilliant film and screen studies who were fans of the series and loved to chat about it informally on Facebook. As per the updates, this is the book having fan selves with academic selves. Each of the writers wrote about different aspects of the series.

Were there any surprises while researching the book?

Rob: We were very much surprised to know about how vibrant and widespread the Sense8 fan base was. Discovering everything about the series was tremendously interesting. In addition, he said that we were also surprised by rewatching Sense8 for the purposes of research during the pandemic and got to know how comforting it is.

Deb: It is believed that studying a film or TV show detracts from the pleasure as it becomes work now, but I was happy because this doesn’t happen with me. These were the words of Deb. In addition, he says that I rewatched the series with Rob and got better with every watch. It also gave me new insights and all the key aspects.

When will the Sense8 book release?

The book will be out on June 17th and will be available for pre-orders on Bloomsbury’s website until the end of June. So, if you are interested in reading this book or a fan of Sense8, then you can get a 35% reduction in book purchase by entering the code Iamawe.

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