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This Is What ‘Sister Wives’ Star Said About Season 19

Sister Wives Season 19: Will The Polygamist Brown Family Return?
Source: TLC

Sister Wives is an American drama that revolves around the Brown family. Family patriarch Kody Brown is a polygamist. The article discusses whether the show will return for season 19. It also explores the release date, cast, trailer, and where to watch Sister Wives season 19.

An American reality series, Sister Wives, premiered its first season on TLC in 2010. Since then, the controversial show has received eighteen more seasons. With a total of 209 episodes, the show has captured the life of a polygamist family which features Kody Brown, his wife Robyn, and three of his ex-wives. Meanwhile, they have 18 children together, all living together. Many critics and viewers raised questions about the legality of this union. However, Brown has clarified that he does not violate any law as he is presently legally married to only one of them, that is, Robyn. Earlier, he was married to Meri. Other wives are just spiritual unions. To learn more about Sister Wives season 19, keep reading.

About Sister Wives

The Browns deal with several challenges that come their way because of a massive family. Meanwhile, they also overcome the stigma associated with their lifestyle.

Genre Reality
Created byTim Gibbons
Christopher Poole
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons18
No. of episodes209
Executive producersTimothy Gibbons
Bill Hayes
Christopher Poole
Kirk Streb
ProducerDeanie Wilcher
Production CompaniesFigure 8 Films
Puddle Monkey Productions
Network TLC
Sister Wives Season 19: Will The Polygamist Brown Family Return?
Source: TLC

Will there be a Sister Wives season 19?

Two ‘spiritual wives’ of Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, hinted at a season 19 in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Notably, Christine Brown divorced Kody, Janelle Brown split from him, and Meri Brown said by the end of season 17 that her marriage with Kody was over. In her interview, Christine said that she would show friendliness to Robyn and Kody just for the sake of their children. In October 2023, she tied the knot with David Woolley and ended her spiritual relationship with Brown.

We’re just going to do it exactly like we would do it in real life. There’s going to be times where we’re in the same room together, and you’ll see in the next season, there’s a few times where we’re in the same room together for the sake of the kids. We’re gonna be cordial because it’s about our kids. We’re going to be adults. We’re going to be mature. And we’re gonna be apprehensive and nervous and not quite sure it’s a good idea, but then you get into it and it’s fine.

This statement gave the fans a ray of hope as she not only confirmed the next season but also hinted that it had already started filming.

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Who will be in the cast of Sister Wives season 19?

The upcoming season will feature 17 of the Brown family’s children. Kody fathered 18 kids, but Garrison Brown passed away on March 5, 2024. The names of parents and children in Sister Wives are mentioned below.

  • Kody
  • Meri 
  • Janelle
  • Christine 
  • Robyn
  • Logan
  • Aspyn
  • Leon 
  • Madison
  • Mykelti 
  • Hunter 
  • Paedon
  • Dayton
  • Gabriel
  • Gwendlyn 
  • Aurora 
  • Ysabel 
  • Savanah 
  • Breanna
  • Truely
  • Solomon
  • Ariella 
Sister Wives Season 19: Will The Polygamist Brown Family Return?
Source: TLC

What are the release dates for Sister Wives season 19?

After the tragic death of Garrison Brown on March 5, 2024, fans were uncertain whether the show would be back for season 19. However, a source close to the family revealed to The Sun that the show will not be canceled. The source added,

The family is normally always filming – whether it’s actual cameras or on their phones.
As sad as it is, his unexpected death came during the timeline of filming,

The media outlet also quoted a source saying,

It’s going to be darker because they’re going to try to work through, ‘Why did this happen?’ How could this have possibly happened when [Janelle and her children] are such a strong family?

The release date has not been confirmed by TLC, but the show can air between mid to late 2024. 

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Is there a trailer for Sister Wives season 19?

As of now, there is no trailer for the nineteenth installment. It is believed that the filming is underway for the highly anticipated season.

Source: TLC

Where can I watch Sister Wives season 19?

Fans can watch the previous installments on TLC and Discovery+. You can also buy or rent it on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. Season 19 is also expected to be available on the same platforms.

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