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‘Somebody Feed Phil’ Back for Season 7 On Netflix? Check Out The Release Date

'Somebody Feed Phil' Back for Season 7 On Netflix? Check Out The Release Date
Image: Netflix

Somebody Feed Phil is an American television travel documentary series featuring the famous American writer Phil Rosenthal. The series first premiered on Netflix on January 12, 2018. The producers renewed the title for a third season next year and released it on May 29, 2020. The team released the fourth season on October 30, 2020, and the fifth on May 25, 2022. Subsequently, they renewed the show for a sixth season, which they shot back-to-back with season 5.

What is Somebody Feed Phil about?

In this series, Rosenthal tries the food of various cities. The executive producer and showrunner of this series is none other than Phil’s brother, Rich Rosenthal, who sometimes makes an appearance on the other side of the camera to comply with Phil’s request to try the food.

In the first two seasons, Phil makes a video call to his parents by the end of every episode. After his mother, Helen, died in 2019, Phil continued this tradition with his father, Max, until he died in 2021. In the fifth season, he also calls a different guest in each episode, such as his son Ben, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ fame Ray Romano, and Brad Garrett. He also invited Gilbert Gottfried, Judy Gold, and Paul Reiser to the show.

Will there be a Somebody Feed Phil Season 7?

The series was renewed for a seventh season by Netflix in January 2023. Moreover, Somebody Feed Phil is the longest-running documentary series on Netflix right now. The show has had six seasons and 33 episodes till now.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 7 Release Date

Netflix has dropped a first-look video on its YouTube channel. As per this 1-minute and 35-second video, the series will be out on Netflix on March 1, 2023. Moreover, the series will have eight episodes this season. Meanwhile, Netflix has assured that these episodes will be “bigger than ever,” and Phil will continue to explore and celebrate the culture of various cities around the world “through the universal language of food.”

Video by Netflix

In these eight episodes, Phil will be seen traveling to

  • Mumbai, India
  • Washington, D.C., United States
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Iceland
  • Dubai
  • The “real” Orlando
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Scotland, United Kingdom

Somebody Feed Phil Season 7 Trailer

The trailer for the seventh season of Somebody Feed Phil is not out yet. However, Netflix has dropped a first-look video. The creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond” is seen sitting at a restaurant, his eyes lighting up as he spots a tray of meat approaching his table. He says,

Porchetta, wowee wow wow. I’m not worthy. This is dinner and a show, and the show is more dinner.

I don’t know what to do—keep eating the first thing? I won’t be able to finish,

he says, before deciding, “I’ve got to move on,” Rosenthal added.


To conclude, fans will have to wait a little bit, as the seventh season will be dropping on Netflix on March 1, 2024. Moreover, Phil is not only focused on Somebody Feed Phil. He has co-written a children’s book, Just Try It!, with his daughter Lily, which will be out on March 5.

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