Sons of the Forest’s 1.0 Release in February 22, Reveals Endgame

Sons of the Forest’s 1.0 Release in February 2022, Reveals Endgame

Following a year of early access, Survival Games successor Sons of the Forest is all set to make its premiere on Thursday, February 22.

Since 2023, Sons of the Forest has constantly received updates following its early launch, and February 22, 2024, is the date chosen to pull all its hard work together.

IGN, the American video game and entertainment website, has constantly worked together to bring out the trailer, and the centre of attention was its first shot: cute little raccoons. 

Video by GameTrailers

While the rest of the trailer is a little tough to distinguish from what is already in the game, there are some standouts. Additionally, according to its trailer, the updated game will have new enemies to hack to pieces, new environments to explore, and seemingly some new gadgets to craft. What’s more intriguing is the hand glider and launchpad, an impressive piece of creativity for someone caged in a dark forest. Besides, the teaser also suspects that 1.0 will update endings on a larger scale; however, that can only be confirmed after the forest’s unpredictable final. Meanwhile, according to Gamerant, features which are new in comparison to the game’s successor are:

  • A much larger map
  • Improved AI
  • Reworked crafting and building systems with more items
  • AI companions
  • Dynamic weather and seasonal systems
  • More weapons
  • Potential to befriend certain enemies

It took 12 months to overshoot its initial early access prediction by a bit; however, the game’s Steam page only says,

We are hoping to be in early access for around 6–8 months, but this could change. We will leave Early Access when we are certain this is the best version of the game possible.

Since Sons of the Forest’s debut is only a week away, several gaming enthusiasts have increased their anticipation. With its early teaser release, Sons of the Forest has gathered around 157,000 reviews on Steam, which is considerable for the upcoming release.

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