Start Taking A More Social Approach To Social Media Marketing

Start Taking A More Social Approach To Social Media Marketing

One of the big mistakes businesses make with social media is not being social enough. Unlike other marketing channels, social media thrives on social interaction. If you’re just posting promotions and updates, then you may as well be posting flyers through people’s doors. By being interactive, you can increase your reach and convert more leads. Below are just a few ways to make your social media marketing more social.

Post questions, polls and opinions

Questions, polls and opinions can encourage people to engage in conversation. Comments can help to increase the exposure of your posts – friends of users who have commented may see your post and some users may even directly tag their friends. Consider topics related to your industry that are likely to get people commenting. For example, if you run a bookstore, you consider questions like ‘do you read mostly e-books or physical books?’ or ‘what’s the worst book you’ve ever read?’. 

Respond to comments, queries and complaints

Once people start commenting on your posts, make sure that you’re responding. Try to make each response unique rather than copying and pasting ‘thanks!’ or ‘check out our product here’. You should try to respond to queries about your product as quickly as possible as these are the types of users you’re most likely to convert into customers. Similarly, it’s important to address complaints posted on social media before they cause too much damage. On top of public comments, also make sure to keep track of direct messages via social media.

Interact with other users’ posts

Feel free to also interact with other users’ posts. This can help to increase the exposure of your brand. You’re best off sticking largely to content related to your industry. For example, if you run a make-up company, you should try to interact largely with other cosmetic companies or beauty influencers. Keep your comments professional in tone – remember that you’re speaking from  the perspective of a brand and not yourself. 

Ally up with influencers

An influencer is any social media user that has a large active following. Recently, a lot of brands have started paying influencers to promote their products. This is a great way to share your product with thousands (and possibly even millions) of social media users. There are many influencers who are willing to promote products – by using an influencer marketplace, you can connect with these influencers. Typically, the larger an influencer’s following, the more they will charge. It’s best to find an influencer whose followers are likely to have some interest in your product (for example, if you’re selling a food product, look for food influencers). You can make influencer posts go further by deciding to embed Instagram feed on your website so those posts are seen by even more people.

Cross-promote with other businesses

You can also help to build social media exposure by teaming up with other businesses. You could make a pact to promote their product in exchange for them promoting your product. This allows you both to tap into each other’s audience. When choosing companies to promote, try to consider companies related to your industry but not direct competitors. For instance, if you run a dog grooming business, it could make sense to cross-promote with local dog training services, local vets and local pet supply stores – but not other local dog grooming companies. 

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