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Stranger Things Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Stranger Things Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot

It’s time to say goodbye to Stranger Things with its final seasons coming to the platforms soon. The hit Netflix Stranger Things Season 5 that came in 2016 will conclude its series with the fifth season. However, the show has no release date for it, yet. The show’s makers, Ross Duffer and Matt, announced the news with a bittersweet letter to the fans on 7th February. 

In the letter mentioning their journey, the creators said that season 4 would be the next-to-last season and season 5 would be the final season. With Stranger Things season four today in the books, fans are keen to know when they will see season 5 of Stranger Things. Here is what you should know. 

When is Stranger Things Season 5 Coming Out?

It is too soon to say about the exact Stranger Things season 5 release date, but you can look to the previous seasons for reference. As the show makers say in their letter, it took them 2 years to make the 4th season and was released in two parts. 

While the pandemic and shutdown led to delays in season 4 filming, making a grand finale season will likely need a long wait. The earliest expected release date to see season 5 can be late 2023. But, even if that is impossible, you can expect to see the final season by 2024. 

David Harbour, who essayed the role of Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, confirmed this theory that they might begin shooting next year, as the makers are working on the script now. Hence, it will take time to prepare the stuff, so hopefully, season 5 will come out in mid-2024 based on the track record. 

What will the final season be about?

Now that the last two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 have been released, we have some idea about the season 5 concept. 

The audience knows about Vecna, his origins, history and connection with Eleven. And now the Vecna is still brewing over Hawkins; the last season will undoubtedly continue that storyline. 

In one of the interviews, the Duffer brothers also told that the remaining mysteries, like How old is Eddie stranger things? Who did Fred kill in stranger things? It will be the focus of the last season, including the significance of the Upside Down. 

The Duffer brothers also said that season 5 would be a big surprise for the Stranger Things fans, such that people will get talking and thinking about the season. At season 4’s end, Vecna turns Hawkins into pieces; today, it is the home to a significant gateway between the Upside Down and the real world. Now, the Upside Down appears to be spreading throughout Hawkins. 

Stranger Things Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Speaking about season 5, the duo said there wouldn’t be the usual character setup as shown in the previous seasons. Instead, it will be moving. The characters in the final season will already have a goal to drive upon. Hence, they will be going to be in action. 

The Stranger Things season 5 will also take place in Hawkins on a more extensive scale, catching the season 1’s vibe all over again. 

It will be larger than a life season and will include some things from season 1. A lot of pairings and groupings; there is something nice about the large scale. The grand finale will be more massive in scale and stakes. 

Not just that, but the storyline will also delve into what happened to Max. Vecna killed Max in the season 4 finale. However, she came back to life and went to a comma. The Duffer brothers said that the mystery behind Max in the comma would be an amazingly relevant storyline. 

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Stranger Things 5 Cast: Who will return?

Want to hear the good news? The returning members from the Stranger Things cast will include Maya Hawke (Robin stranger things), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan), Natalia Dyer (Nancy), Joe Keery (Steve), Priya Ferguson (Erica), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Noah Schnapp (Will), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven).

As Max is in a coma, we can also expect Sadie Sink to return to the show. We will have to wait and see what happens next in the story. And how to forget, David Harbour and Winona will be back in the business as Mom and Dad. 

Apart from these stranger things Eddie, Tom Wlaschiha who plays Enzo in stranger things, Elodie Grace Orkin who plays Angela in stranger things, Chrissy stranger things, Madelyn Cline stranger things, 001 stranger things, Argyle stranger things, Demogorgon stranger things, Tammy Thompson stranger things, Suzie stranger things, Bob stranger things will hopefully return in the season.

In simple words, anyone alive can return in season 5. And honestly, anyone dead can also come back in Vecna’s visions or flashbacks. 

Stranger Things Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot

When will season 5 be set?

According to Ross Duffer, the season will do a time jump, following which the lead actors will be shown as grown up. Ross also said they would have shot the 4th and 5th season back to back, but there is no convenient way to make that possible. 

In addition, Ross said’’ these are all the decisions we will make with the writers while beginning the filming. Unfortunately, this means that season 5 is not yet wholly written to date. Hence the wait is on!

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Will there be a Stranger Things spin-off?

Yes. The show will be a spin-off but what will be in the store is still unknown. Finn Wolfhard may have already sorted this out. A version of season 5 is developing in parallel, and the makers will delve into that soon. For now, they are planning on the visual effects and will begin getting into them. In an exclusive interview, Matt Duffer revealed that the massive grand finale would be different from the audience’s expectations, including the streaming platform Netflix.  

How to Watch Stranger Things Seasons? 

Catch up on the Stranger Things seasons with Netflix’s streaming service. Get your laptop, or mobile and watch on the Netflix app or website.

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