Students Drop Harvard Plans Amid Controversies, Universities Says 17% Drop

Students Drop Harvard Plans Amid Controversies, Universities Says 17% Drop

Harvard University, a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have seen a drop in its recent times. On the contrary, other elite universities have seen a surge in aspiring students who wanted to enrol themselves. Not only these, but a media report has suggested a substantial increase in the admission forms for universities like the University of Virginia, Dartmouth, Columbia, MIT, Downwain, the University of Pennsylvania, and Amherst. Although the controversy has been highlighted in the media, the administrators of Harvard University have highlighted the decline in an adverse way.

In a media report by CNN, the Cambridge University said it had received 54,008 applicants for the Graduate class of 2028; it is a substantial 5 percent decrease in last year.

Besides, Harvard University, which has several university graduate programmes, in a statistics in December revealed that less than 17 percent of fewer applications, according to a status that is compared to a four years prior reports.

The Controversy Behind Harvard UNI Enrollment Drop

  • A staff organisation and two Harvard staff organisation incorporated a hostile culture that held “Israel”
  • There have been accusations of unethical university by paying a law firm $42 million, with its co-managing partner on the school’s governing board, the then-president Claudline Gay when refused on commenting about the genocide of jaws. In January 2024, Claudline Gay was forced to resign.
  • Harvard represents Black, Hispnic, and other represented minor groups in the campuses. Additionally, the supreme court’s decision to not recall Harvard and The University of North Carolina Campus marked a significant setback on policies.

In a press conference with Times, William R. Fitzzsimons, the head of admission at Harvard, said in a statement that

Beyond another strong applicant pool, we are delighted by the stunning array of talents and lived experiences the class of 2028 will bring with them from throughout the United States and around the world.

On the contrary, the admission applications have seen a surge that includes the University of Virginia, Dartmouth, Columbia, MIT, Bowdoin, Amherst, and the University of Pennsylvania.

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