Taylor Swift Fans Trigger Earthquake Readings During Scotland Concert

Taylor Swift Fans Trigger Earthquake Readings During Scotland Concert

It’s official! Taylor Swift has actually shaken the ground with her music. The 34-year-old singer recently wrapped up her three-day-long concerts in Edinburgh, Scotland. The audience triggered an earthquake, with the readings being detected up to 6 km from the venue.

As per a BBC report, the British Geological Survey confirmed that seismic activity was detected. BGS reported, “Each of the three evenings followed a similar seismographic pattern, with ‘…Ready For It?’ ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘champagne problems’ resulting in the most significant seismic activity each night.”

“Analysis of the seismograph data suggests that the most enthusiastic dancing occurred on the Friday night, although crowds on each night generated their own significant readings,” it added.

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This implies that the 73,000 people present at the venue on Friday danced the hardest during the three gigs. The record-breaking number of attendees at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium got to see Swift for roughly 3.5 hours each night on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The BGS report also stated, “The activity was mainly generated by fans dancing in time to the music and reached its peak at 160 beats per minute (bpm) during ‘…Ready For It?’, where the crowd was transmitting approximately 80 kW of power (equivalent to around 10-16 car batteries).”

Notably, the concertgoers have helped Taylor break all previous records and have the most highly attended concert in Scottish history. 

On her last day, Sunday, Swift also thanked her fans for showering their love on her. She addressed the crowd from the stage. 

The fourteen-time Grammy winner said, “It’s been shockingly amazing in Edinburgh because every night I got to go on stage and they pulled me aside and said, ‘You know this crowd broke the all-time stadium attendance record for all of Scotland for all of time.”

“Thank you, Edinburgh! That’s absolutely the wildest way to welcome a lass to your city.”

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