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The Chair Season 2: Netflix Comedy-Drama Cancelled?

The Chair Season 2: Netflix Comedy-Drama Cancelled?

Sandra Oh’s Netflix drama, The Chair, doesn’t have good prospects for a second season. Released in August 2021 and quickly forgotten by Netflix, the show didn’t gain enough viewers to warrant renewal. In February, Sandra Oh told reporters that she never received any calls regarding playing Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim again, which suggests that a second season is not being considered.

The New England University English department chose Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim (Oh) to be the new chair so she could help Yaz McKay (Nana Mensah), have a better tenure; this is historic because it’s the first time a woman has been chosen for such an endeavour. The character of Bill Dobson, Kim’s colleague and friend, is played by Jay Duplass. Recently, his wife passed away. Everly Carganillia, Bob Balaban, Holland Taylor, and David Morse also had starring roles in season 1, for a total of six episodes.

The Chair Season 2 Release Date

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, it seems likely that The Chair has been cancelled. However, this isn’t stopping Oh; she is working on several other projects right now, including a Hulu movie where Awkwafina is also starring. When asked about potentially returning to The Chair again, she told Variety that while she loved making the show, she hasn’t received an offer to come back to play Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim.

As of February 2024, six months after The Chair’s release in August 2021, no announcements have been made about the show’s future. 

Netflix uses approximately four weeks to decide whether or not they will renew new shows. They make this determination based on key aspects such as the viewers’ reaction and how many people are tuning in.

The Chair Season 2: Netflix Comedy-Drama Cancelled?

The Chair Season 2 Update

Flixpatrol’s stats indicate that The Chair was much less popular on its site than other series and films, dropping out of the Top 10 after only ten days. In Russia, it lasted nineteen days in the Top 10 but still fell quickly thereafter.

The release date for the film was poor because other films were coming out around the same time, including Clickbait, Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes, and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

The potential for a second season of The Chair has been apparent from the beginning. This show wasn’t marketed as a limited run, so with that in mind, there was always potential for more seasons.

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The Chair Season 2 Plot

Ji-Yoon loses her position as the Chair of the Pembroke English Department after a mutiny by her colleagues at the end of season one. Elliot unsuccessfully tries to take over, so Joan oversees the department instead and gets to work in an above-ground office for once rather than the basement of the campus gym.

Now that she has fewer responsibilities, Ji-Yoon finally has more time to spend with her daughter, JuJu. Even though they don’t have the best relationship, we believe this will change in future chapters JuJu tries to identify herself and figure out where she belongs in the world. 

In the meantime, Bill strongly disagreed with the college’s initial offer and is now seeking to be reinstated in his prior position. To generate some income in the meantime, he said yes to Ji-Yoon’s request to babysit her children.

By the end of The Chair’s first outing, the duo had patched things up emotionally between them, but they hadn’t yet explored their romantic potential. Even though Bill is still grieving from his wife’s death, he feels more than just friendly towards Ji-Yoon.

With several months of conflict under her belt, will she choose to follow her heart or head in season two?

The Chair Season 2: Netflix Comedy-Drama Cancelled?

The Chair Season 2 Cast

  • Sandra Oh plays Ji-Yoon Kim
  • Jay Duplplayss plays Bill Dobson
  • Everly Carganilla plays Ju-Hee (Ju Ju) Kim
  • Bob Balaban plays Elliot Rentz
  • Nana Mensah plays Yaz McKay
  • David Morse plays Paul Larson
  • Holland Taylor plays Joan Hambling
  • Ji Lee plays Habi
  • Ron Crawford plays Professor McHale
  • Ella Rubin plays Dafna Eisenstadt
  • Mallory Low plays Lila
  • Jordan Tyson plays Capri
  • Abdul Alvi plays Abdul
  • Vinnie Costanza plays Dustin
  • Simone Joy Jones plays Joy
  • Marcia Debonis plays Laurie
  • Bob Stephenson is an IT Support technician
  • Cliff Chamberlain plays Ronny

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The Chair Season 2 Trailer

What is more important than the trailer for a show is the show itself. There hasn’t been any information regarding the renewal of The Chair season 1, so naturally, there is still no sign of its trailer yet. However, you can enjoy the trailer for The Chair season 1, and indulge in binge-watching the incredible show itself. You can watch season 1 of The Chair on Netflix.

Video by Netflix


When is The Chair season 2 coming out?

The chair is not coming out anytime soon.

Will there be season 2 of The Chair?

It is unlikely that The Chair is going to return with season 2.

Where can I watch The Chair season 2?

You can watch The Chair season 1 on Netflix. Season 2 is not available yet.

Is the school in The Chair real?

The school in The Chair is completely fictional. It has no connection with real-life schools.

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