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The Empress Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Empress Season 2: Everything We Know So Far
Image: Netflix

Netflix’s German period drama, ‘The Empress,’ is back for a second season. And fans are more eager than ever to dive deeper into the captivating life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. After its initial success, Netflix wasted no time in renewing this historical romantic drama. The immediate efforts fueled the growing anticipation for season 2. This article will explore everything that is revealed about The Empress Season 2. 

The Empress: A Quick Recap

Before diving into the details about season 2, let’s recap what ‘’The Empress’’ is all about. This German Netflix Original series was created by Katharina Eyssen and co-written by Bernd Lange, Janna Maria Nandzik, and Lena Stahl. It is a historical romantic drama that delves into the early life and romance of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Directed by Florian Cossen and Katrin Gebbe, the series follows the story of Elisabeth Wittlebach. Who, at just sixteen, marries Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. Her journey is marked by challenges in the royal court and her relationship with her mother-in-law, Princess Sophie. 

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The Empress Season 2 release date

Unfortunately, fans will need to exercise patience as the wait for season 2 of The Empress continues. Production for the series began in the fall of 2023, with cameras rolling as of September 27th. Therefore, the earliest we can expect to see the new season is in 2024.

An Anticipated Trailer

As we await the return of ‘The Empress,’ it’s natural to wonder what lies ahead for Empress Elisabeth and the other characters. Season 2 is likely to explore Elisabeth’s pregnancy and the early years of her life as a mother. Culminating in the tragic death of her firstborn child. The season is expected to delve deeper into the evolving dynamics between Elisabeth and Emperor Franz, especially as the empire faces domestic and foreign policy challenges.

Video by Netflix

Actors from the series have hinted at what’s to come. 

Philip Froissant, who portrays Emperor Franz, stated’ “ In season one we see that Franz emancipates himself more and more from his mother and begins to chart his own path as a ruler. I would like to see this journey followed in season two. He has children. Being a father will change him. There are wars coming up – lots of domestic and foreign policy issues that are super exciting. I want to see what this does to the relationship between Elisabeth and Franz”.

Meanwhile, Melika Foroutan, who plays Princess Sophie, revealed, “Since the Archduchess has had a lot of influence on the upbringing of her grandchildren, I think there will continue to be tensions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. I would like to see the aspect of the approaching loss of power due to the increasing emancipation of the son, Emperor Franz Joseph, given even more space in a second season.”

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Returning Cast Members

The core cast that brought ‘’The Empress’’ to life in season 1 will return for the second season. This includes:

  • Devrim Lingnau as Elisabeth von Wittelsbach
  • Philip Froissant as Franz Joseph I of Austria
  • Melika Foroutan as Princess Sophie of Bavaria
  • Johannes Nussbaum as Archduke Maximilian
  • Elisa Schlott as Duchess Helene in Bavaria
  • Jördis Triebel as Princess Ludovika of Bavaria
  • Almila Bagriacik as Countess Leontine von Apafi
  • Hanna Hilsdorf as Countess Amalia von Salm Reifferscheidt
  • Runa Greiner as Countess Charlotte von Stubenberg
  • Svenja Jung as Countess Louise Gundemann
  • Andreas Döhler as Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria
  • Wiebke Puls as Countess Sophie Esterházy
  • Michael Fuith as Archduke Franz Karl of Austria
  • Felix Nölle as Archduke Ludwig Viktor of Austria
  • Martin Butzke as Gustav, Prince of Vasa

The Empress: A Successor to ‘The Crown’?

While ‘The Crown’ remains a formidable benchmark for historical dramas. ‘The Empress’ has the potential to carve its own path as the non-English language equivalent. There are countless decades of Empress Elisabeth’s life yet to be explored. A wonderful life that promises exciting seasons in the future.

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