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The Equalizer 3: Duration and How to Watch the Newest Action Film on Netflix

The Equalizer 3: Duration and How to Watch the Newest Action Film on Netflix
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Todd Black’s and team’s production The Equalizer 3, in which he stars Denzel Washington alongside Dakota Fanning, has been released in theatres. The action thriller film also stars Andrea Scarduzio as the nemesis.

Lead Characters

The Equalizer 3 is an espionage thriller starring Daniel Washington as Robert McCall in a first-of-its-kind male actioner. Meanwhile, Dakota Fanning plays her aide named Emma Collins, who is a trained professional. Andrea Scarduzio plays Vincent Quaranta, the main villain.

How Long is The Equalizer 3?

The duration of Equalizer 3 is One Hour and Forty-Nine Minutes, shorter than the previous sequel of Equalizer. Meanwhile, Equalizer 3 is expected to be crisper and faster.

Equalizer 3 has received mixed reviews, with some critics calling it a sick actioner, while others criticising it as just another spy thriller.

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What is the Release date of Equalizer 3 on Netflix?

Equalizer 3 was released in theatres worldwide on Thursday, September 11, 2023, to a good reception. However, there are no official dates for Netflix’s release of the film. Additionally, Netflix’s release usually takes place after three months of the theatrical release. Hence, we can expect an early premiere on December 1, 2023, on Netflix.

Are the First Equalizer 2 on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the first two sequels of the franchise Equalizer are not available in every region. Meanwhile, the U.S. is one of the countries that has not given access to any of the sequels.

Reports suggest that the first movie is currently streaming in 15 countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, India, and Japan. Moreover, the second part is also available in a few countries including Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, and Poland.

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