The Future of Business Productivity: Embracing Technology and Overcoming Resistance

The Future of Business Productivity: Embracing Technology and Overcoming Resistance

The use of digital transformation and automation in organisational strategies has revolutionised the way businesses operate. Whether you run a self-storage construction contractor business or a clothing store, a productive business will guarantee the most success and profit.

The Evolution of Technology in Business

The modern business landscape is dominated by digital innovation and the constant pursuit of increased efficiency. Conor Whelan, Chief Information and Operations Officer at Experian, believes that technology is changing at an incredible pace, which only seems to be accelerating.

For Tata Steel UK, technology plays a central role in shaping the future of the organisation. According to Nick Reeks, Director of IT, the company is heavily investing in research and development (R&D) to understand how technology will affect their products and proactively evolve with these changes. Furthermore, they are exploring ways to improve the carbon footprint of steel manufacturing using technology.

The New Technology Organization

Transforming an organisation into a technology organisation allows employees to optimise performance and better deliver the business’s core value. This view is shared by experts like Leon Gauhman, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Elsewhen, who emphasises the importance of leveraging technology to drive business productivity.

However, Juan Villamil, CIO of Imperial College London, warns against implementing technology for the sake of technology itself. Winning the hearts and minds of the organisation and showing the value of technology are crucial for success. As Villamil points out, “We’re all creatures of habit, and we’re all going to feel threatened somehow by change.”

Technology leaders must recognise the importance of communication and the human element in driving successful technology adoption. Juan Villamil, CIO of Imperial College London, highlights the need for technologists to win the hearts and minds of their organisations by showing the value of technology and addressing the fears and concerns of employees. 

Brian Brackenborough, Chief Information Security Officer, echoes this sentiment, emphasising that technology decisions should be made with the entire organisation in mind. Brian argues that when choosing and implementing tech solutions, businesses need to abandon siloed thinking and adopt a more unified strategy.

Embracing Data-Driven Decisions

One area where technology is truly unlocking business productivity is through the utilisation of data. Leon Gauhman of Elsewhen believes that organisations should take more advantage of the data they possess. “Increase productivity by providing people [with] tools that are utilising the organisation’s data in the context that they’re in,” he said.

By effectively communicating the benefits of technology and engaging employees in the process of change, businesses can overcome resistance and ensure that technology investments deliver maximum value and impact.

In conclusion, adopting technology to enhance business productivity requires a strategic approach that prioritises communication, collaboration, and the human element. Technology leaders must work to demonstrate the value of new solutions, address employee concerns, and promote a culture of innovation.

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