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The Gentleman Season 2: Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled By Netflix?

The Gentleman Season 2: Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled By Netflix?
Image: Netflix

An action comedy television series, The Gentleman, is a creation of Guy Ritchie for the streaming giant, Netflix. Produced by Miramax Television, the series is a spin-off of Ritchie’s 2019 film of the same name. Released in March 2024, the series earned immense appreciation from fans worldwide while gaining the largest viewership in the United States.

As soon as the series raked up millions of views on Netflix, fans started anticipating The Gentleman Season 2. In case you missed it, here are all the updates released by Netflix about The Gentleman Season 2.

The Gentleman Season 1 On Netflix

With the American spin-off series making its premiere on Netflix, The Gentleman is one of the well-performing shows of the year. The Gentleman, with its performance, ranked in the second position of Netflix’s All-Time Top 10, only behind Fool Me Once.

In addition to it, the streaming service released the stats wherein the series ranked in Netflix ranked in the top 10 for 4 years, amassing 51.80 million views, which is equivalent to 345.60 million hours.

Besides, as of April 2024, the series continues to claim the position of third-most watched series globally, while the show continues to rank number 1 in the United Kingdom.

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Will There Be a Gentleman Season 2?

While the series made its debut a month before, the creators have chosen to remain tight-lipped about the anticipated season. Besides, the streaming giant gave a hint on Netflix’s UK event, Beyond Whispers, but there is no such official announcement about the same.

Additionally, the media house, Deadline reported that the creator, Guy Ritchie, has an idea for Gentleman Season 2. The executive producer of The Gentleman, in an interview, said, 

We have started that process. There are some writers we’ve talked to, and certainly lots of discussion with Guy about what he might want to do in a second season, what things to focus on

On the contrary, Helwig also explained that the first season has to perform well to achieve a renewal for Gentleman Season 2.

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Is The Gentleman An Anthology Series?

With the possibility of later crossovers, The Gentleman Season 2 can be an anthology series. Hence, that means, we will be receiving a fresh set of stories in its episodes.

The lead cast, Theo James, hinted about the same, in an interview with a media house. He exclaimed,

I think it works like limited series content. I think maybe there’s a way for Guy to expand on other films from his intellectual property, but for now, I think [the series] works on its own.

The Gentleman Season 2 Will It Be Renewed or Cancelled By Netflix
Image: Netflix

What Are The Release Dates of The Gentleman Season 2?

Although Season 2 is yet to receive its renewal, if it’s renewed, it will depend on its production schedule. Referring to The Gentleman Season 1 schedule, the debut season’s filming commenced on November 11, 2022, and ended on June 9, 2023, completing 7 months. Following this, the series took 7 months of post-production, making its debut in March 2024.

Hence, if the second season gets renewed, it is likely to follow a similar schedule; a minimum of sixteen months is expected. As a result, The Gentleman Season 2 will make its premiere by late 2025 or early 2026.

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