‘The Godfather’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby’ Producer, Al Ruddy, Dies At 94 

‘The Godfather’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby Producer,’ Al Ruddy, Dies At 94

Hogan’s Heroes co-creator, Albert Ruddy, died at the age of 94. The Canadian-American producer also won two Academy Awards for Best Picture for 1972’s The Godfather and 2004’s Million Dollar Baby. Notably, he has credits for many popular and successful TV shows and films to his name. While being treated for an illness at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, Al Ruddy took his last breath. As per a spokesperson, his last words were, “The game is over, but we won the game.”

Al Ruddy has also contributed to projects such as The Longest Yard, The Cannonball Run, and Cannonball Run II.

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He received his first-ever Oscar for The Godfather on March 27, 1973. He took the stage along with the film’s Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino. Clint Eastwood presented the Academy Award for Best Picture to the duo. After receiving the accolade, Al Pacino said,

The American dream and what we all want, for me at least, is represented by this [holding up the Oscar]. It’s there for everybody if we want to work, dream and try to get it.

After his demise, tributes to the producer lined up. In a statement, Al Pacino said,

Al Ruddy was absolutely beautiful to me the whole time on ‘The Godfather’; even when they didn’t want me, he wanted me. He gave me the gift of encouragement when I needed it most and I’ll never forget it.

Meanwhile, actor and producer Arnold Schwarzenegger also took to Instagram to send condolences. Alongside a few pictures, he added:

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