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‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5 going to be released soon on Netflix

‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 5 going to be released soon on Netflix

Netflix has officially announced that Season 5 of The Last Kingdom is going to be the final season. This means that watching Uhtred of Bebbanburg and his adventures around Anglo-Saxon England is coming to an end. Fans will be very sad knowing that their favorite series is going to end. Here is everything that we know so far about Season 5 of The Last Kingdom.

Has Netflix renewed The Last Kingdom for Season 5?

It’s been so long that fans were waiting. Now, finally The Last Kingdom has been renewed for Season 5. The cast made this announcement through a video posted on Twitter. They also claimed that Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will soon start with the production.

When will the final season of The Last Kingdom release on Netflix?

The production for Season 5 will take a lot of time, this means that we cannot expect to watch the series until the end of 2021. The Last Kingdom final season will either be released by the end of 2021 or in the beginning of 2022.

Who is the cast in the final season of The Last Kingdom?

The cast members who have been confirmed to be in Season 5 of The Last Kingdom are as follows:

  • Uhtred- Alexander Dreymon
  • Brida- Emily Cox
  • Aethelflaed- Millie Brady
  • Aelswith- Elisa Butterworth
  • Osforth- Ewan Mitchell
  • Eadith- Stefanie Martini
  • King Edward- Timothy Innes
  • Young Uhtred- Finn Elliot
  • Haesten- Jeppe Beck
  • Finan- Mark Rowley
  • Father Pyrlig- Cavan Clerkin
  • The Elder- Adrian Schiller
  • Sigtryggr- Eysteinn
  • Whitgar- Ossian Perret
  • Stiorra- Ruby Hartley
  • Sihtric- Arnas

What can we expect to see in Season 5 of The Last Kingdom?

In the fourth season, we got to see Uhtred interacting with his children. Young and Stiorra- both his children have same traits as Uhtred like stubbornness, and passion to follow their own path. For negotiating peace between Danes and Saxons, Sierra was very happy to be used as a bargaining chip and chose to join Sigtrygger and then go to Eoferwic. 

Meanwhile, Young has decided to continue his path and with his studies. Now, East Anglia is under the control of Wessex and Mercia and Northumbria is the last kingdom to be held by the Danes. Hence, these are some of the things we can expect from Season 5.

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