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The Last of Us II Remastered Review: An Affordable Upgrade and No Return Mode Steals The Show 

The Last of Us II Remastered Review: An Affordable Upgrade and No Return Mode Steals The Show 
Image: Sony / Naughty Dog

Back in 2022, the giant streaming video company, Sony and Naughty Dog, faced backlash following the announcement of The Last of Us Part 1, a remake of the 2023 game available for PS5, priced at $70. According to a media website, many gaming enthusiasts mentioned it as a “money grab” as gameplay remained the same.

However, the recently released, The Last of Us II remastered, which hit the markets in November 2022, is reportedly different from the previous and affordable. Priced at $10 for PS4 version owners, it introduces a compelling new rogue model like No Return.

Along with its affordability, The remastered version of “The Last of Us” has well-enhanced visuals and offers two modes-Fidelity (4K, 30 fps) and performance (60fps, 144p). Meanwhile, the dual-sense controller features have also been reported for its best quality. And, the dual-sense controller provides immersive haptic feedback and adaptive triggers based on in-game action.

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Besides the dual-sense controller, it’s No Return Mode, a new way of play that is super addictive. With the no-return mode, it throws different challenges at you with random enemies and goals. And between the challenges, you have access to upgrade weapons and buy related stuff between the challenges. Additionally, they have quite cool modifications that change how the game plays. With more than 10 characters to choose from, loaded with special effects and abilities, you can get a unique gaming experience every time you play.

Not only with the dual-sense controller and no return mode, but it has features like commentary for cinematics, three unfinished levels with explanations, better photo mode, and a game mode where you can play the in-game guitar in different manners.

So, if you are an avid gamer; however, have not tried your hands on The Last of Us Part II, it could be the best way to try it. With its best features of no return mode and other improvements, an upgrade for $10 can be the best option for your gaming craze.

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