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When is The Orville Season 4 Coming To Streaming? The Exciting Updates

When is The Orville Season 4 Coming To Streaming? The Exciting Updates
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Following The Orville’s third season premiered on Hulu, it immediately picked fans’ expectations for a fourth instalment. So, this article covers every detail about The Orville Season 4 including its renewal status, release dates, and plot. Last but not least, the write-up below includes speculations regarding the anticipated series, The Orville Season 4.

An American science fiction comedy-drama, The Orville, has become one of the most anticipated series of 2024. Premiered on Fox and Hulu, the series made its debut in 2017 and has received three seasons back-to-back. With its third season in 2022, the fans are now looking for an update regarding “The Orville Season 4.” Here’s all you need to know about the anticipated season.

About The Orville

When is The Orville Season 4 Coming To Streaming? The Exciting Updates

The Orville is an American science fiction comedy-drama series which stars Seth MacFarlane as its lead character. Inspired by the original Star Trek, the series made its debut on September 10, 2017. While Season one received negative comments, The show had relatively successful ratings on Fox, becoming the broadcaster’s highest-rated Thursday show as well as Fox’s “most-viewed debut drama” since 2015.

SeriesThe Orville
GenreAction Adventure
Science Fiction
DebutedSeptember 10, 2017
Original LanguageEnglish
Number of Season(s)Three:
Season One: September 10, 2017
Season Two: December 30, 2018
Season Three: June 2, 2022 

Will There Be an The Orville Season 4?

As of 2024, there are no updates about the fourth season of The Orville. With Hulu already announcing the list of series set to premiere in 2024, it is hard to predict the future of the comedy series.

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Speculations Regarding The Orville’s Continuation

While an official update remains missing, several interviews of the cast and crew hint at a possible renewal of The Orville Season 4. Chad Coleman, one of the recurring cast of The Orville, gave a hopeful update saying “It’s still up in the air.” Coleman’s statement read,

We’re all in the loop and out of the loop. We think it’s gonna happen, but it’s still up in the air,

There’s so much going on with all of these studios that it’s just like, ‘Well, we gotta settle this thing first, then we can decide on that thing.’ A bunch of that is going on. We hope so. [Series creator] Seth [MacFarlane] has an amazing relationship with Dana [Walden] and with Disney, who’s running it now. And they said they’ve had promising meetings, so we’ll see.

Additionally, the finale of The Orville Season 3 was titled “Future Unknown” hinting at a continuation of the series. Moreover, in an interview with Timeline, MacFarlane addressed the current status of the fourth season of The Orville and said,

The show is not dead,”Nobody has told me that it’s dead from the network, so we’re proceeding under those auspices.

Is There a Release Date for The Orville Season 4?

Since The Orville’s fourth season has not received a renewal status, there are no release dates for the same. Besides, since Hulu has already announced the forthcoming series of 2024 with The Orville’s name missing, we will not be able to see the series anytime soon.

When is The Orville Season 4 Coming To Streaming? The Exciting Updates

Who is in the Cast of The Orville Season 4?

With a missing update for the fourth instalment of The Orville, we will likely witness all the cast of the third season reprising their roles. A potential cast list for The Orville Season 4 includes,

  • Seth MacFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer
  • Adrianne Palicki as Mercer’s ex-wife Commander Kelly Grayson
  • Penny Johnson Jerald as Dr Claire Finn
  • Scott Grimes as Lt. Gordon Malloy
  • Peter Macon as Lt. Cmdr. Bortus
  • J. Lee as Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr
  • Mark Jackson as Isaac
  • Jessica Szohr as Lt. Talla Keyali
  • Anne Winters as Ensign Charly Burke
  • Chad L. Coleman as Klyden. 

Additionally, since the series has introduced new characters in every season, we will likely see new cast members for The Orville Season 4.

Is there a trailer for The Orville Season 4?

Owing to an awaited status for a fourth season, there is no footage available for the anticipated season of The Orville. While The Orville Season 4 updates are waiting, you can watch the previous season’s platform on YouTube.

Source: HULU

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