The Rise of Peer-to-Peer RV Rentals

The Rise of Peer-to-Peer RV Rentals
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An RV is a great way to explore the world. Yet, until recently, you either had to buy an RV or deal with traditional RV rental companies with sky-high prices.

Wondering how and why? You’re in the right place. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know. 

How do peer-to-peer RV rentals work?

Peer-to-peer RV renting involves RV owners renting out their RVs to individuals. The transaction is carried out via online platforms that work in a similar way to Airbnb. Renters can use these platforms to search for RVs. They can filter by price, location, amenities, and size. 

Here’s how the process typically works for renters:

  • Search and book: First, you use a P2P platform to find your perfect RV. Then, you communicate with the owner via the platform to get more information and to confirm availability. Depending on the listing, you can book the RV instantly. However, it’s common for bookings to require owner approval.
  • Pick up your RV: Once you make the booking, you can arrange to collect the RV from the owner or have it delivered to your destination. The pick-up location is usually the owner’s driveway, a storage facility, or a campsite. When you collect the vehicle, the owner will give you a walkthrough to show you how everything works. They’ll also discuss the rental agreement and outline any rules. 
  • Hit the road: Now, you’re free to explore! You can use the RV for the specified period you’ve agreed with the owner. 
  • Return the RV: Once the agreed period is over, you must return the RV to the owner. The return location is often the same as the pick-up location. Otherwise, the owner will let you know in advance. When you return the RV, the owner will check for any damage while you’re still present. 

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer RV rentals?

Compared to traditional RV rentals, P2P rentals have many advantages. As a result, market experts predict that P2P RV rentals will dominate the RV rental industry in the coming years. 

Here are just a few of the many benefits of P2P RV rentals from RVshare: 

Wide range of options

You get access to a wider range of RVs than you’d get with a traditional rental service. If you want to cruise in style, you can find a vintage camper that fits the bill. If you’re traveling with a large family, you can find a Class A luxury RV that guarantees space and comfort. 

Generate income

RV owners are able to set their own rental prices. That means you can turn your RV into an income stream when you’re not using it. Depending on the platform you use, you can also add on other services like delivery and set-up for an extra fee.


As you’re renting directly from the owner, you can personalize the rental terms to suit your needs perfectly. This customization allows for a great deal of flexibility.

For instance, you might only need the RV for a couple of days or want to rent it out for an entire month. Whatever your requirements, you can find an owner happy to accommodate you. 

For owners, it means you can rent out your RV for as long or as short as you like, and block your calendar for dates you want to use the RV yourself. 


Some traditional RV rental companies ask for exuberant service fees and booking fees. Plus, their rental rates tend to be high. P2P renting eliminates the middleman and keeps the costs down. You’ll pay a fair price that works for you and the owner. 

The Impact of Peer-to-Peer RV Rentals

As the popularity of P2P RV rentals continues to rise, its effects are being felt in the wider travel industry. It’s also having a positive impact on local economies. 

The travel industry

The growth of P2P RV rentals has had a disruptive effect on the travel industry. The results of this transformation are positive for both owners and renters alike. The competition caused by P2P platforms is forcing the industry to adapt and innovate, leading to more options than ever for customers. 

As a result, traditional rental companies have begun to lower their prices to try and compete with P2P platforms. Unfortunately for them, P2P RV rentals are still more affordable. Additionally, traditional companies can’t match the flexibility and personalization offered by P2P rentals. 

Local economies

The surge in P2P RV rentals has also positively impacted local economies reliant on tourism. It’s easier than ever for tourists to get on the road and visit locations that don’t offer much accommodation. 

What peer-to-peer RV rental platform should you use?

Whether you’re an owner looking to generate extra income or a traveler searching for a unique experience, we highly recommend RVshare. 

To find an RV rental in Miami, simply visit the site, enter the pick-up location, travel dates, and the number of guests, and you’ll be on your way to a dream vacation. 

Final Thoughts

P2P RV rentals like RVshare offer renters flexibility, affordability, and a level of personalization that leads to truly unique travel experiences. For owners, they’re a great way to turn RVs into revenue streams when they’d otherwise be sitting around collecting dust. 

The popularity of P2P RV rentals will continue increasing, which will have huge benefits for both RV owners and renters.

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