The Top 3 Business Degrees In Demand Today

The Top 3 Business Degrees In Demand Today

…and that was 2021 folks, see you next year.

At least, that’s how this year felt to so many of us, certainly within the business community we’ve had to redesign just about every facet of our operations. Businesses that enjoyed firm footing on traditional business models, had to rethink their business planning overnight. Moreover, we would be entirely remiss if we didn’t take a moment to raise a glass of something very expensive to all of those bold and brave entrepreneurs who had just launched businesses only to find that the next step was – pandemic. Turns out, if you know how to show off a little you’ve probably done your business a good service.

But for all of the challenges and dramatically changing landscapes that businesses the world over have faced during this time, we should never forget that the lessons learned now are going to define who we think we are as business owners and entrepreneurs tomorrow.

Responding to these dynamic changes and serving business with the skills it needs to evolve, are our educational institutions. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, universities and business schools maintain regular links with businesses to determine changes in operational environments and systems so that they can respond with suitably qualified and up-to-date candidates.

So with all of that being said, what are the top three business qualifications that are still relevant and in demand by businesses owner and entrepreneurs today?

Here we go.


There is no way around it. The most sought after, credited and recognized business qualification remains the coveted MBA or master’s in business administration and when you can gain that qualification from a good school, you’re in a great place to find the right employer for you.

But, mba programs do way more than just equip a student for a career with a corporate. A good qualification that is grounded in solid research and development foundations, can also equip you to be a better steward of your own business.


These degrees can be pursued as stand-alone majors or as double majors and cover a broad base of experiences, skillsets, and training opportunities. As we’ve already established, the business world has and continues to change very dynamically, and knowing operational or analytical processes is not enough. 

The savvy business owner knows that to respond to changing market demands in kind and as dynamically as they change, a solid base in marketing training, and the practical ability to comprehend and interpret those market changes while converting that data into a workable strategy…is no mean feat.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. No matter how extreme the existential factors that determine a business’s operational capacity might change, the solid tried and tested processes of a good project manager is golden. There is no getting away from it, responding to extreme market conditions requires qualified and skilled business practitioners that know how to harness that energy. 

A good project manager can skillfully navigate choppy waters while preparing your business for launch, or delivering on client expectations in good time.

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Tom Bernes is the Editorial Director at The Next Hint Inc.

Prior to joining The Next Hint Inc, Tom had a hand in a number of online and print publications, including as chief copy editor and Government Technology Magazine as managing editor. He also did a stint in Sydney as group editor of RBI Australia's manufacturing group, which is when he also developed an affinity (a love, really) for cricket.

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