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The Twits Netflix Movie: Everything We Know So Far

The Twits Netflix Movie: Everything We Know So Far
Picture: The Roald Dahl Story Company

“The Twits” is the 11th novel written by Roald Dahl, first published in 1980. The story revolves around the despicable couple, Mr. and Mrs. Twit. The Twits live in a decrepit house and harbor deep-seated animosity for each other despite being married. The general vileness of their activities reaches the peak when they capture a family of birds. Netflix, as part of their plan to bring Roald Dahl’s memorable works to the screen, is working on an animated movie based on this tale.

Rewind to November 2018. Netflix and The Roald Dahl Story Company first announced their collaboration to adapt Dahl’s classic works. “The Twits” held a prominent place in the agreement. Phil Johnston, celebrated for his work on Disney hits like “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Zootopia”, joined the project in July 2021. Initially it was envisioned as an animated series. Johnston was supposed to be an executive producer alongside Maggie Malone. 

However, in April 2022, during one of the so-called “big Netflix corrections”, the future of The Twits fell into a well of uncertainties. Netflix Animation was undergoing significant changes with projects being canceled and executives being ousted. The Twits was specifically mentioned in this context. However, it wasn’t explicitly canceled. 

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In 2023, the veil of uncertainties have been lifted, and it is confirmed that The Twits project lives. It’s now in development as a feature film, with most of the team working on the project from August 2021 to June of this year. Phil Johnston continues to be attached as the director.

Netflix’s internal animation studio is spearheading the development of “The Twits.” Collaborating with it is Jellyfish Pictures. This studio, with bases in the UK and India has made its mark contributing to projects like “How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming” and “Spirit: Untamed.” 

Ultimately, the good news is that The Twits are coming to your Netflix screen. Although there hasn’t been any official word about the release date, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to expect it in 2024. 


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