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The Upcoming Patch for Terraria Could Be the Last One, Or Maybe Not

The Upcoming Patch for Terraria Could Be the Last One, Or Maybe Not
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Post-launch updates for Terraria were supposed to stop in 2015 but Re-Logic, the company behind this 2011 cult sandbox, just could not quit. After working on patches and content updates for 12 years, the developers might finally move on after the release of Patch 1.4.5.

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Ted Murphy, Re-Logic’s head of business strategy and marketing, revealed that the team behind Terraria had planned to move on back in 2015. But there were too many unexplored concepts and compelling ideas for them to shut the door on this ever evolving universe. 

Re-Logic head Andrew “Redigit” tweeted, “After twelve years the game still sells like hot cakes. There is so much demand it makes it hard to move on.” This was before he left twitter to focus on communicating on the Terraria forums.

The 2020 “Journey’s End” update was also seen as a possible conclusion but it was followed by a series of patches. Murphy acknowledged that the time may be right to embark on a new journey – work on some fresh ideas that might not fit in the environment of Terraria. 

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Despite the impending shift in focus, Re-logic’s dedication to the fans of Terraria is unquestionable. They are collaborating with Paper Fort Games to develop a Terraria board game. The project is being crowdfunded. 

The board game is supposed to faithfully adopt the key elements of the digital game – biome exploration, character progression, base building, etc. Although there is no official release date, fans can expect the board game to arrive in 2024. 

Will Re-Logic really stop working on patches for Terraria or will their love and passion for the game trump their desire to work on new projects once again? Only time will tell.  


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