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Top 10 Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs (With Duties & Salaries)

10 Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs (With Duties & Salaries)
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The real estate industry is well known for the varied and well-paying jobs they offer. The article educates readers about the real estate industry earnings according to a job position. It also provides a curated list of the top 10 highest-paying real estate jobs. 

The real estate industry offers a variety of options for professions, which come with an opportunity to earn an income. While the location and the training are the general factors, a top performer in the real estate industry offers more than $100,000/year. The industry features a list of opportunities for those who are looking for an established career. This article includes a list of money-making opportunities in the real estate industry.

How Much Can a Real Estate Industry Offer?

A real estate job can range from multiple industries and specialities, which includes real estate law, home inspection, and real estate investment. With positions offering more than earning potential, the real estate industry has a variety of jobs to offer. However, the location and establishment factors in the industry.

Meanwhile, as a real estate professional, you have the opportunity to earn professionally or as a part of the company. Additionally, you can also specialise in industrial, commercial, or residential real estate.

Although real estate can result in high rewards, it also carries risks. Hence, before you venture into the real estate industry, you should be looking for a mentor or training program.

What Are the 10 Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs?

Similar to other professions, a position in real estate offers higher pay for candidates holding higher experiences, training certifications, etc. Not only this but a real estate professional with a specification of industry/commercial experience earns more in comparison to resident area workers.

The below-mentioned list includes the salary and description of the highly-paid real estate professionals,

10. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker

Average Salary: $89,552/Year

A real estate broker is responsible for finding eager buyers and assisting buyers in locating the properties which match their needs. They are also responsible for assisting the sellers in setting a purchase price for the property. Meanwhile, the real estate broker should have a licence to sell properties in his state. Some of the real estate brokers carry out the buying and selling tasks.

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9. Property Accountant

Property Accountant one of the Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs

Average Salary: $70,868/Year

A property accountant can perform basic accounting tasks for companies and developers. Managing accounts, and budgets, and looking over financial statements. Additionally, they met with people who are interested in the stages of sales and construction like lawyers or politicians involved in the purchase of the property management company.

8. Real Estate Investment Consultant

Real Estate Investment Consultant

Average Salary: $90,719

Real estate investment consultants guide clients such as real estate investments, purchases, and potential construction projects. They also provide financial research and advice on future developments, gains and profitability.

7. Real Estate Appraiser

Real Estate Appraiser

Average Salary: $63, 415

A real estate appraiser is responsible for accessing a property and providing this information to the client. With several licensed real estate appraisers, ranging from a certified real estate appraiser to an appraiser trainee, they work under an experienced professional real estate appraiser. Additionally, their salary solely depends on the experience they have.

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6. Foreclosure Specialist

Foreclosure Specialist

Average Salary: $49, 440

A foreclosure specialist in a real estate business highlights property management during the legal process of foreclosure. In the job profile, a foreclosure specialist is responsible for managing loans for clients, to avoid the legal proceedings of foreclosure. They also find and deal with potential clients who are looking forward to foreclosed properties.

5. Escrow Officer

Escrow Officer one of the Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs

Average Salary: $60,311

An Escrow officer processes all the transactions of real estate assuring the completion of paperwork and complying with the legal requirements. Additionally, it also explains the processing of real estate properties for home buyers. The Escrow officer earns a percentage of the final sale price; hence, their income potential depends 

While Escrow officers and their specialists win a percentage of the final sale price, the income potential can depend on the location and pricing of the properties they have listed.

4. Home Inspector

Home Inspector

Average Salary: $59, 635

A home inspector in real estate surveys homes for potential issues or necessary repairs. In a company, a home inspector provides cost estimates and repair projects to realtors, potential home buyers, and real estate professionals.

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3. Real Estate Associate

Real Estate Associate one of the Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs

Average Salary: $78,189

In real estate, an associate is set to assist a buyer in finding a property and assist sellers in listing properties for sale. Meanwhile, a real estate associate usually performs in a large or small-scale company and assists a large or small-scale company. However, in both cases, a real estate associate represents buyer properties and approves the client through the negotiation and sales processing. 

2. Property Manager

Property Manager

Average Salary: $56,000

In a real estate company, a property manager overlooks the regular functions accurately like collecting rent from tenants or doing necessary repairs. A property manager in a company promotes financial stability and represents potential property renters.

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1.  Real Estate Manager

Real Estate Manager one of the Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs

Average Salary: $56,009

In a real estate company, one of the leading positions is fulfilled by the real estate managers and the responsibility includes managing the residential and commercial properties. While the duties of a real estate agent may vary depending on the location and the company they work for, each of the managers are reported to receive a higher salary. Meanwhile, the real estate managers are also responsible for completing bookings, training and cooperating with the office staff to make necessary arrangements.

Final Words

In a real estate organisation, there are hundreds of job positions available, fulfilled by individuals with a related skill set. While the average salary of a real estate individual can be similar, it differentiates owing to the location, size of the company, and the company itself. In the article, we have curated a list of top-paying real estate jobs that you should know

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