Top 10 Sexiest and Most Beautiful Thai Women in 2024

Top 10 Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women in 2023

Thailand is well-known for its fascinating culture, beautiful landscapes, and incredibly attractive women. Thai women rank among the best-looking women in the world. Their gentle nature adds to the allure of their natural beauty, making them the most desirable women on the planet. 

If we search on the internet, a huge list of the hottest Thai girls will appear. We have created a list of the ten sexiest & most beautiful Thai women that have gained international recognition for their looks and talent. Let’s dive in!

1. Amanda Obdam

This beauty queen of Thailand has won the hearts of all in the country with her good looks. Amanda Obdam is widely regarded as the most beautiful Thai woman after two consecutive wins in the Miss Universe Thailand pageant. She became the second Thai woman to have pulled off back-to-back victories in the prestigious pageant. She also won the Miss Tourism Metropolitan International pageant in 2016. Amanda Obdam was born in Phuket on June 17, 1993, to a Thai-Chinese mother and a Dutch-Canadian father.

2. Davika Hoorne

No one can think of the most beautiful Thai woman without mentioning Davika Hoorne’s name. Born in Bangkok on May 16, 1992, this gorgeous woman went on to become one of the best actresses the country has ever seen. Her attractive personality and beauty shine through every role she takes on. Her best movie yet is Pee Mak, which is, to date, Thailand’s highest-grossing film in history. She has starred in other films, such as Suddenly Twenty and Heart Attach. Hoorne was also chosen to be the spokesperson for the beauty brand L’Oréal, showcasing her influence on the global stage. 

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3. Praya Lundberg

Praya Lundberg has aged like a fine wine. The 34-year-old actress and model is still one of the sexiest girls in Thailand. She began her career in acting with the hit TV series Rak Dai Mai Thar Hua Jai Mai Pean. Other hit shows in her resume include Sao Noi Nai Tha Kieng Kaew and Nang Sao Som Lon. As a model, she has earned a lot of praise for her wild sex appeal and appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Grazia, etc. Praya Lundberg also acts as the South-east Asian Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

4. Kanya Rattanapetch

Kanya Rattanapetch is a Thai actress who started her acting career at the age of 13 with a horror movie. The famous Thai celebrity was born on November 2, 1989. Her role as Ying in the Rak Haeng Sayam film Love of Siam brought her huge fame and critical acclaim. She is a true fashionista and always loves to look at the positive side of things. This attitude has made her endearing to millions of fans around the world. 

5. Chalita Suansane

Considered one of the sexiest Thai girls, Chalita Suansane occupies the fifth spot on this list. This glamorous actress and model belong to the Thai city of Nonthaburi. She was crowned Miss Universe Thailand in 2016 and also received the highest number of votes from fans for the Miss Universe title. She has acted in hit TV shows such as The Secret, Tawan Tok Din, Preng Lap Lae, Sarb Krasue, and Pah Rak Chang. Chalita’s polite nature and sweet way of speaking have made her a fan-favorite. 

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6. Pitchanart Sakakorn

Pitchanart Sakakorn has starred in multiple blockbuster films in Thailand and wowed the audience with her exceptional performances. Her adorable nature and killer smile are a deadly combination, and no one is safe from it. This hot Thai celebrity was born in the capital city of Bangkok on May 22, 1981. The veteran actress has given audiences some memorable performances in films like Black Night, Pattaya Maniac, The Victim, and Ghost Variety. 

7. Khemanit Jamikorn

Khemanit Jamikorn is one of the most beautiful girls in Thailand in 2024. She goes by the adorable nickname Pancake and has solidified her image as the most versatile actress in the country. Jamikorn has also made an impact on the fashion industry with her modeling portfolio. Born in 1988, this diva won the Thailand Supermodel Awards in 2004. Currently, she has become very famous in China and is loved by fans all over Asia. 

8. Farung Yuthithum

Farung Yuthithum, popularly called Kwang, is a Thai model. This multitalented woman has dominated the modeling landscape in the country for many years now. So much so that she is now one of the richest models of Thailand. She also ranks among the top 15 hot models of Thailand. Yuthithum was born on April 6, 1987, and started her modeling career very early in life. She has taken part in multiple modeling shows over the years and won many awards. 

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9. Mookda Narinrak

Whenever you think about the hottest Thai girls, one name will surely come up. Mookda Narinrak, also known as Aom Phiyada, is a beautiful actress and model from Thailand. She has exhibited proficiencies in dancing, acting, and modeling, making her very desirable. Mookda won the Miss Teen Thailand beauty pageant in 2011, but her fame came from TV shows such as So Wayree, Đùa yêu, Nang Thip, and Irresistible. 

10. Paweensuda Drouin

We simply could not complete this list of the Sexiest & Most Beautiful Thai Women without including the 2019 Miss Universe Thailand winner Paweensuda Drouin. She also came closer to winning Miss Thailand 2013 and Miss Universe Thailand 2017. The beautiful model was born in Bangkok on October 12, 1993. She has also worked as a TV host and a DJ. Now she has entered the Thai movie industry as a leading lady in an upcoming movie. 

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