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Top Sexiest Pokemon In 2024 – Number 7 Is The Most Shocking

There are many beautiful and hot Pokemon, and it gets hard to choose the best among them. While many others have written about the skills and moves of each Pokemon, not many have talked about the hottest Pokemon. That’s what we are here for. In this list, we will discuss the top 10 sexiest Pokemon and learn what makes them different from others.

10 Most Sexy Pokemon of all time

While finding these Pokemon hot or sexy changes with the viewer’s thinking, these are some of the most beloved Pokemon mentioned below.

1. Gardevoir


This Pokemon first appeared in the Generation 3 of the Pokemon series. Her feminine nature and calmness make her one of the most loved Pokemon. Not only this, this five-foot Pokemon can know the feelings of others. Famous for her loyal nature, she will sacrifice anything for her trainer. The long hair of this pretty and smart Pokemon is the best thing about her. She will always help people, even if it needs her to face danger. 

2. Lopunny


Topping this list, Lopunny is a sexy Pokemon. She is one of the fan favorites due to her curvy personality. Her shape and body add to the skills she has. Meanwhile, based on her looks, she is a brown rabbit with yellowish-gold fluff. Her cuteness goes hand-in-hand with her sexy moves. It is the factor where fans find her the most wanted. She has a furry body and has furs on her neck, fingers, and legs.

3. Primarina


This Pokemon, surprisingly, has her singing as its main weapon in fights. Her charm is different from the other fairy-type, due to her mermaid-like design. She is not only amazing and cute but also has a good body and shape. Serving as a great example of mermaids in the Pokemon world, Primarina’s long and smooth hair is the most attractive. Meanwhile, her skills, which are a combination of water and fairy-type skills, are loved by the viewers.

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4. Meloetta


Hands down, this Pokemon is one of the cutest Pokemon ever. When it moves, it turns from a normal and magical type into a normal and fighting type. Not only this, but her looks also changes during that time. This hot Pokemon was first introduced in Generation V. Furthermore, she has blue-green eyes and a circular jewel on her forehead. This fairy-like Pokemon has drawn the attention of fans, as they find her smile really sexy. 

5. Greninja 


As one of the first males on this list, we must tell you that Greninja has a strong and beautiful personality. This water/dark-type Pokemon was first introduced in Generation VI. He fights with his enemies easily and throws the stars made of water at his enemies. Meanwhile, this Pokemon is one of the hottest ever, who can change all of the blue into black. Furthermore, his tongue changes color to red. Not only this, Shiny Greninja has a manly body, with his tongue folded around his neck.

6. Roserade


One of the top and sexiest Pokemon is Roserade. She is a Pokemon who was first introduced in Generation IV.  She has a rose-like look and a cute personality. Her stylish moves and soft petals are the fan favorites. Moreover, Roserade is famous for her beauty and charm. Not only this, she has a bundle of red and blue roses in her hands that look like gloves.

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7. Sylveon


The next on our list is one of the most beautiful Pokemon of all time. She is known for her cuteness. Some people also find her nature sexy. Talking about her looks, she has large horns on her ears. She also has a beautiful collar. 

8. Ninetales


Ninetales is a Pokemon that has nine tails and fur that is golden when it shines. Many people find her sexy because of her pure and decent looks. Fans think she is more beautiful than anyone else. Several people have thought that the idea for Ninetales’ design was taken from the icy, and snowy region. Her style makes her more sexy. 

9. Tsareena


This one is a Pokemon introduced in Generation VII. Her designs hold a similarity to those of fruits and make her popular as a fruit Pokemon. Her beautiful looks are the best and she wears a leafy skirt and has leaves on her head that look like a crown. Further, this cute grass type has eyes and lashes of magenta color. 

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10. Gourgeist


This Pokemon, which was introduced in Generation VI, looks like a mix of a gourd and a lantern. Moreover, the upper half of this Pokemon is tan in color and it is long in appearance. Many people love her smiling face and yellow eyes. Further, Gourgeist’s sexy and curvy body makes her stand out from the rest. She is known for her being mysterious, along with her evil mind and ghostly skills.

Wrapping up

By now, it would be clear that the franchise has no shortage of sexy Pokemon. In this list, we have talked about the top 10 sexiest Pokemon that everyone loves and wants. We suggest you check out the Pokemon world and explore some more cute and hot Pokemon. Further, let us know through the comment section if your favorite Pokemon made it to the list.


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