Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals Ranked, Number 5 Would Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Smartest Animals In The World That Would Shock You

We humans often consider ourselves the only intelligent creatures. But sorry to break your belief; some animals are way more intelligent and clever. Shocking, isn’t it? We obviously cannot compare the intelligence of humans with that of animals. To learn about the top 10 smartest animals in the world, keep reading.

List of the 10 most intelligent and smartest animals in the world

An animal can be intelligent in its own environment as well. What’s more fascinating is there are no one or two smart animals, but there are a vast number of them. Some of them are listed below.

1. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees is one of the Smartest Animals In The World

The first animal on our list is the chimpanzee. It is not entirely surprising, considering that chimpanzees share more than 98% of their DNA with humans. Several studies note them to be excellent problem solvers. Moreover, researchers have also tried teaching sign language or the one based on pictures to chimpanzees, and they have been somewhat successful in the missing. Nevertheless, their IQ is also similar to that of a human toddler. They are self aware and can recognize themselves in a mirror. So, if you are wondering what the most intelligent animal is, this is your answer. These animals have an accurate memory as well.

2. Dolphins


To answer the question of what the smartest animal in the world is, many researchers have conducted studies and determined that the answer is a dolphin. Notably, they are quick learners and easily mimic human behavior. Moreover, these self-aware animals communicate with each pod member by whistling their names. Furthermore, these creatures are seemingly compassionate, caring for the old, sick, and injured in a pod. Not only this, their EQ, which determines the emotional intelligence of a being, is also the highest in any creature other than humans.

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3. Orangutans

Orangutans is one of the Smartest Animals In The World

The orangutan is another creature on our list of 10 most intelligent animals. These animals are close relatives of humans and can talk about the past like humans. Reports suggest that orangutans share around 97% of their DNA with humans, making the whole idea surprisingly less shocking. Not only this, studies also indicate that they can play games and interact with each other. They can make noises to attract those from different genders.

4. Elephants


Elephants have the largest brains among all the land animals. Based on their appearance, some consider them cute, whereas others find their large size scary. However, they are not only about the way they appear to be. They have excellent memories, along with their elegant and compassionate nature. Nonetheless, they depend on the sense of touch and smell more than any other creature and are some of the smartest animals. Their brain is three times larger than the human brain, and these self-aware creatures can also mourn the loss of their beloved. 

5. Pigs

pig is one of the Smartest Animals In The World

When people see this word, they often relate it to a dirty animal or one with poor hygiene. Surprisingly, pigs are also brilliant animals. They can adapt to various environmental conditions quickly and without much difficulty. Moreover, like dogs and cats, they can also be trained to perform specific tasks. Researchers have tried to teach the pigs how to play video games with the help of joysticks. They have been successful in doing the same. These animals can be instructed, and their cleverness is unmatched.

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6. Crows


Crows are considered very smart because of their ability to recognize the faces of humans individually. One should not underestimate them for their small size and considerably smaller brains. They have accurate memories and problem-solving abilities. Nevertheless, it provides a strong foundation for the studies claiming that a crow’s brain and smartness are similar to that of a 7-year-old human child. Moreover, these creatures are considered clever, but surprisingly, they are very sophisticated beings.

7. Octopuses

Octopuses is one of the Smartest Animals In The World

Another considerably intelligent creature is an octopus. Studies suggest that they have been highly adequate to clove puzzles and mazes. Although they are comparatively slow learners, their smartness is good for non-human beings. Moreover, they can play and solve problems efficiently, ensuring their mention in the top 10 smartest animals list. It has also been said that octopuses can escape easily. They can swim to the places they belong. These revelations are not shocking, considering these creatures have the highest brain-to-body ratio among other invertebrates.

8. Pigeons


These birds are very famous for their accurate memory and higher recalling power. They are very common birds but should not be taken for granted. Pigeons can remember hundreds of images for years. Moreover, they can identify themselves in a mirror, which might seem normal to humans, but it is still pretty cool for a bird. Their smartness would be more convincing if we pointed out their past roles. Since earlier times, pigeons have been used for military and government purposes, whether to spy or share important information without getting caught.

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9. Squirrels


Squirrels are small and cute creatures that are well-liked by many of us. However, if studies are to be believed, they are intelligent animals who know well how to save themselves and their necessities from large predators. It might sound funny, but sometimes they pretend to dig a hole and hide their stuff to confuse the thieves. But in reality, they run off with their food. Their deceptive habit saves them when they think someone is watching them. Since ancient times, these abilities have helped these tiny creatures to survive in this world.

10. Rats


Apart from pigs, rats are another animal that humans do not like. However, they are intelligent and are used in many scientific experiments. Rats are known for their cleverness and are quick learners. Moreover, they remember everything that has happened, including the test that was conducted on them. Thus, new rats are used each time an experiment is performed.


To sum up, animals are often considered foolish creatures. We assume that they do not understand anything. However, some of them are very capable in their own habitat. Their ability to manage through situations makes them some of the smartest beings. The above-listed top 10 smartest animals have proven their brilliance to researchers in their studies. 


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