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‘Uncoupled’ Season 2 Not to Make a Comeback on Netflix

‘Uncoupled’ Season 2 Not to Make a Comeback on Netflix

Netflix has decided to end Uncoupled after just one season.

The Netflix comedy Uncoupled, starring Neil Patrick Harris, made its debut in 2022 and was met with critical acclaim. Unfortunately, fans will never get to see the show’s second season. Let’s dive into why that may have been and take an inside look at the cancelation process.

Jeffrey Richman and Darren Star, the genius behind Emily in Paris, collaborated to create this new series on Netflix. Star’s previous work includes cult favorites such as Younger, Sex and the City, and Melrose Place. 

On July 29th, 2022, Netflix released the eight-episode comedy series. The series tells the story of a man in NYC who must navigate life anew after his long-term relationship abruptly comes to an end.

Renewal Status of Uncoupled Season 2 

Official Status of Renewal: Canceled

In January of 2023, all three major Hollywood trades broke the news that Uncoupled had been discontinued. This marked it as being Netflix’s fifth notable Original series to be cut during 2023.

Despite the cancellations, Deadline reported a potential shift of the series to Showtime or another Paramount Global network; yet sadly those ideas did not come into fruition.

It is likely that not enough people watched the show or liked it for there to be a second season. Netflix considers many things when deciding whether to keep a show or not, so it is no surprise that this show was canceled.

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What Could Happen in Uncoupled Season 2?

If the show is renewed, we already have a clear vision of what would have happened in the show.

At the conclusion of Uncoupled season 1, Michael discovers that Colin is having second thoughts about their split which was at the root of all the strife from earlier. Will Michael be willing to give their 17-year union a chance and attempt reconciliation?

Stanley has unfortunately been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer and must now begin treatment for it. Kai’s father still remains a mystery, as we can see by Kai’s sudden departure from our meeting.

TVLine conducted an interview where Darren Star gave us some key insights into the plot threads that we can expect to see in season 2. He stated, “that he anticipates plenty of friction in the writers’ room over how to proceed.”

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