UNSC Passed a Binding Resolution For an Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza

United Nations Security Council Passed a Binding Resolution For an Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza

Five months following the war, the United Nations for the first time, demanded suspension of hospitalities after Israel’s helper, United States vetoed previous drafts abstained.

With the chamber breaking into applause, the resolution was passed with 14 votes in the favour that “Demands an immediate cease-fire” owing to Ramadan. The Islamic’s Holy Month.

The resolution also demanded an immediate release of all the hostages.

On the contrary, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu strongly criticised the resolution and claimed that the United States had permanently “given up” its initial position which resulted in a suspension of hospitalities and an immediate release of the hostages.

Some media’s close aide has also reported that owing to the disapproval for the passed resolution, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has called off the meetings that were scheduled this week between Israeli delegation and US officials in Washington.

On the other hand, in an unexpected rebuke, the defence minister of Israel shared their decision of not ceasing the Gaza and holding the hostages while not caring about Ramadan.

Although the UN Palestinian representative, Riyad Mansour, agreed with the resolution, he criticised it by claiming it “overdue”.

It has taken six months, over 100,000 Palestinians killed and maimed, two million displaced, and famine, for this council to finally demand an immediate ceasefire

claimed the Palestinian representative of the UN, Riyad Mansour.

Not only the Palestinian representative but the Gaza governing Palestinian Islamist group has also welcomed the resolution while being ready to engage in an immediate prisoner exchange process that leads to the release of prisoners on both sides.” On the contrary, it was the Palestinian Islamist Group that triggered the war with an unexpected attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

Although the United States, initially had blocked the resolutions for ceasefire, it was the first time it tabled its own draft. Meanwhile, it also marked the first time for a resolution to be passed by the United States.

General Antonio Guterres, the General Secretary of the United Nations, claimed that the resolution “must be implemented” to achieve an immediate suspension of hospitalities and “immediate and unconditional release of all hostages.”

Similarly, the former United Kingdom Ambassador to the United States who served for a 6-year tenure from 2009 to 2015, claimed in a BBC interview that Israel was now “under an obligation, essentially, to stop its military campaign for the next 15 days”

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