Useful LinkedIn Automation Tools For 2022

Useful LinkedIn Automation Tools For 2022

Did you guys know that, according to the most recent social media data, LinkedIn generates 80 percent of total social media results? Yet how does one make the most of this enormous platform?

In this quest, LinkedIn automation tools can be beneficial. They could be able to assist you in becoming a well-known brand. They help you post content to the correct people at the appropriate time, maximize your exposure, and open windows to new clients.

They adopt a mail-specific method for enhanced user engagement. LinkedIn is a popular way for advertisers to reach a more personalized large audience of potential clients because emails could be too common.

The best thing regarding LinkedIn automation solutions is how much smart background work and boring tasks they handle.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools 

Octopus CRM:

Octopus CRM is a comprehensive LinkedIn automation tool that allows companies and prospective applicants to improve their activity quality. Not only can applicants increase their reach to more companies and manage options, but businesses also use this tool to expand their operations and reach further, with strong automation support. 

With this all-in-one software, it is easier to handle all sales and lead generation work on autopilot, ensuring quick results. Additionally, it is possible to connect faster with one’s target user base and provide follow-up information and engaging content that drive the prospective users to turn into buyers. 

Therefore, you can use this LinkedIn automation tool as a personalized platform for creating a dynamic lead generation and sales funnels. Add, combine, and delete different features on this software as per your needs and store every prospect within the customized dashboard for quick access. 


  • Automatically search and visit multiple user profiles using Octopus CRM automation software. 
  • Prepare and send personalized connection requests to different LinkedIn users. 
  • Develop and send multiple level-1 connections to recipients in bulk amounts. 
  • Avoid the weekly limit set for LinkedIn invites to users and send multiple connection requests easily via email. 


  • Automatic viewing of profiles or endorse skills is not available to users of the beginner-level Starter plan. 
  • Only Unlimited Plan users can handle Activity Control benefits, but this package is somewhat high cost. 


Another of the top LinkedIn automation solutions, Dripify, focuses entirely on high-quality lead generation tactics under the LinkedIn platform. This is a multifunctional automation tool with LinkedIn integration that focuses on improving the ability to generate more prospects for the sales divisions. Additionally, companies can use this tool to monitor and finalize deals, even with automated services.

Indeed, Dripify holds strong automation-centric algorithms that work with Cloud support for managing and handling different deals. So, one does not have to manually keep their PC or laptop switched on to complete the transactions or activities. All one has to do is prepare a custom sales to funnel with Dripify, and the software algorithms will carry out the work. 


  • Users can prepare drip campaigns using this software. 
  • It is simple to analyze market insights and web traffic and respond to diverse leads. 
  • Companies can use this tool for optimized team management.
  • Direct CSV-based exporting is possible with Dripify. 

Linked Helper 2:

Linked Helper, as the name implies, can assist you with LinkedIn automation while increasing your company’s presence on major social networking sites. Even though you possess hundreds of connections, you may quickly recommend every one of them instantly. In exchange, many of your connections will support your business or brand.

As a consequence, with little effort, the visibility of your product or business through LinkedIn will increase. Another fantastic feature of Linked Helper, which you can utilize to maintain constant contact with business associates throughout the season, is the automatic mailing mechanism.


  • When you send texts to your contacts, your signature will automatically be added, adding a touch of professionalism and personalization.
  • You may create intelligent lead generation pathways and prevent campaign overlaps by using the incredibly robust lists manager within Linked Helper.


  • Linked Helper does not support emojis. Thus, you cannot use them in your text. Additionally, your copy comes across as unpolished.
  • The tool occasionally has issues acquiring contacts. This technical issue could sabotage your marketing initiatives.


Another of the very well-liked LinkedIn automation programs, SocialPilot, has been utilized to publish on numerous LinkedIn company sites and profiles. The key strength is in helping you create and carry out a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing plan.

SocialPilot has your back whether you need help developing content, organizing and planning your LinkedIn updates, tracking their effectiveness, or even maintaining your company’s online image on the site.


Simple Publishing:

You can schedule updates with a variety of scheduling options utilizing SocialPilot’s LinkedIn posting features for various LinkedIn accounts as well as pages.

Personalize Posts:

Make your material more entertaining by including clips, carousel posts, Animations, infographics, etcetera within your LinkedIn article.

Scheduling in bulk:

Utilizing SocialPilot’s bulk planning feature, you may upload up to 500 LinkedIn content and schedule them all at once.

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