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Visions Of Mana Gets a Trailer and Release Window for Summer 2024

Visions Of Mana Gets a Trailer and Release Window for Summer 2024
Image: Square Enix

Square Enix recently appeared on the Xbox developer Direct Video to reveal its upcoming title Visions of Mana. The appearance had the producer of the Mana series, Masaru Oyamada, along with the series creator, Koichi Ishii. They also revealed that the game will be launched in summer 2024 and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox series X|S. The Visions of Mana will be the first mainline game in the franchise in 15 years. It was revealed during December 2023’s The Game Awards that this action role-playing game of the beloved Mana franchise will be launched later in 2024. Square Enix also released a press release along with a video that gave detailed information about the game’s action and atmosphere.

Video by GameSpot

Is there a release date for Visions of Mana?

The roleplaying game does not have an official date yet, but it is expected to be out in summer 2024. So, the fans can expect this game to arrive between June and September of this year.

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What platforms will have Visions of Mana?

The publisher, Square Enix, has revealed that they are planning to launch the game on PC (via Steam and Windows), PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox Series X/S. Moreover, it is unknown if the game will be released on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One too, and it is difficult to comment on the same. Apart from that, it is unclear whether the game will come on Game Pass from day one.

Video by Square Enix

Is the Visions of Mana trailer out yet?

The trailer was released on the Xbox Developer Direct on January 18. It features series creator Koichi Ishii as well, giving us insight into the past and future of the series. Visions of Mana will be the first Mana game to come on Xbox. The series producer, Oyamada, seemed pretty excited about this release. Moreover, Koichi Ishii also said that he is proud of his team, and he has supervised them to turn the pixelated monsters from the original series into a 3D monster version game.

The Xbox website also gave a synopsis of the game and wrote on its website, “A new adventure begins in Visions of Mana—the first mainline title in the Mana series in over 15 years! Immerse yourself in the vibrant graphics of this beautiful world, where the powers of nature blend with the elemental aspects of mana to create a rich tapestry of life.”

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