Wakfu Season 4: When Will the Anime Series Air?

Wakfu Season 4: When Will the Anime Series Air?

Wakfu, the anime-influenced French animated series, produced by Ankama Animation, made its debut on 30 October 2008. Based on the video game Dofus, the first season came with 26 episodes and became a sudden hit among anime fans. Soon after a hit first season, the series came with a second season of 26 episodes and a third with 13 episodes, respectively. As a treat for fans, the third season was topped with 4 special episodes. But that’s not all, as the third season concluded, fans started anticipating a fourth season of Wakfu. Here’s what we know about Wakfu Season 4.

What is the renewal status of Wakfu Season 4?

Fortunately, on May 7, 2020, Ankama announced that the highly anticipated series, Wakfu, has been renewed for a fourth season. Nevertheless, it followed with the bad news that the fourth season will be its last.

When will season 4 of Wakfu be released?

Along with the renewal announcement, Ankama mentioned that the animated series, Wakfu, will premiere in 2024. However, the exact premiere dates are yet to be revealed. The series director revealed that the production of the fourth season is likely to be finalised in November 2023. Hence, Wakfu Season 4 release dates are still in wraps and fans have to wait till Autumn 2024 to binge-watch their favourite show.

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Wakfu Season 4 Cast

In the upcoming fourth season of Wakfu, viewers can expect to encounter multiple narrators throughout the series. This could mean that the show’s creators are experimenting with different storytelling techniques or exploring new perspectives on the show’s central themes. As for other details on the fourth season, the cast includes

  • Fanny Block as Yugo
  • Genevive Do and Evangeline
  • Adeline Chetail as Amalia Sheran
  • Keir Stewart as Rubilax
  • Ross Grant as sir Precedal of Sadlygrove
  • Hugo Chandor as Ruel Stroud
  • Eric Mayers as Remington Smisse
  • Tom Clarke Hill as King Oakheart


While Wakfu revolves around the life of Yugo, a boy who lives with his dad. When Yugo turns 12, he decides to hunt his real family. Meanwhile, along with his extraordinary abilities, he and his buddies called “The Brotherhood of Tofu,” have pledged to expel evils and make the world free of bad forces.

Moreover, in the fourth chapter of Wakfu, we will witness the Brotherhood of Tofu fighting against the Djaul-led army. And while Djual doesn’t remain the biggest antagonist. It turns out to be “Badgon the Warlord. Not only this, but the fourth season also includes a declared war called “War of Clans.”


Although the premiere has kept waiting, fans have been treated to a thrilling trailer of the animated series, Wakfu Season 4 trailer.

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