Are Mushrooms Healthy? 8 Negative Effects of Portobello Mushrooms

Are Mushrooms Healthy? 8 Negative Effects of Portobello Mushrooms
Image by Joshua Choate from Pixabay

Mushrooms are a part of a fungus that is comparable to the fruit of a plant along with some edible variants. Among the edible mushrooms is the portobello mushroom which is known for its rich and meaty texture. Often lauded for its nutritional benefits, vegans and vegetarians are fond of them. Nevertheless, everything has negative sides and that also includes mushrooms. So, in this guide, we have answered all the questions regarding portobello mushrooms’ negative effects and whether portobello mushrooms are dangerous for our health.

With the scientific name of Agaricus bisporus, Portobello Mushrooms has passed multiple lab tests. Nevertheless, some reports tell about the allergy that comes with them and its several side-effects.

Meanwhile, belonging to the same species of button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms are larger and are grown to add a meaty texture to several food dishes. Not only this but many Michelin stars and leading chefs consider portobello mushrooms as the best substitute for vegetarian and vegan dishes. Read more to know about portobello mushroom benefits and side effects.

What are the negative effects of Portobello Mushrooms?

In April 2023, Joe Rogan and Paul Stamets had an intense conversation about portobello mushrooms in their podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Paul Stamets, a mycology expert, went on to say that the right way to consume portobello mushrooms and how it can risk your health. Nevertheless, the podcast went viral and netizens were concerned about its consumption. Not only did his statement go viral but a Google trend search of “negative effects of portobello mushroom paul stamets” kept on increasing.

Mushrooms are best when used in limited quantities and are made with suitable ingredients and hygiene. However, here are some of the negative effects of these mushrooms, Possible Allergic Reactions.

If we go on to mention allergies that can be experienced following consumption of portobello mushrooms, there are many. Meanwhile, the list includes skin rashes, itching, swelling, difficulty breathing, or gastrointestinal disturbances. Hence, if you’ve undergone any of them, you should likely be seeing a doctor for medications. In addition, you should avoid having portobello mushrooms.

1. Digestive Discomfort

According to research, many individuals have experienced digestive discomforts like bloating, gas, abdominal pain, or diarrhoea. Meanwhile, this happens due to the mushroom’s high fibre content and certain indigestible compounds present in mushrooms like citin. However, if you are facing discomfort, you should take medicine. Not only this, but you should further avoid consuming portobello mushrooms or any other species of edible mushrooms.

Are Mushrooms Healthy? 8 Negative Effects of Portobello Mushrooms
Image by Achim Thiemermann from Pixabay

2. Impact on Blood-Sugar Levels

Generally, mushrooms including portobello mushrooms are known for containing a low glycemic index. As a result, it can hurt an individual’s blood sugar levels. So, if you are a diabetic patient or are opposed to glycemic index games, you should avoid any kind of product or direct consumption of mushrooms.

3. Lead to Weight Gain

Portobello mushrooms are known for their characteristic meaty texture and rich umami flavour, which makes them a popular choice for vegetarian and vegan dishes. These mushrooms are also low in fat and calories, making them a healthy addition to any diet. However, the nutritional value of portobello mushrooms can be affected by the cooking materials and methods used to prepare them. For instance, frying portobello mushrooms in oil or butter can significantly increase their calories. Nevertheless, if you are grilling or roasting them with minimal oil, it can help retain their nutritional benefits. Therefore, it is essential to consider the cooking techniques and ingredients used to make portobello mushroom dishes to ensure that they are both delicious and healthy.

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4. Contamination and Food Safety

Along with any food product, portobello mushrooms likely have contamination and this can occur while contamination during cultivation, harvest, or storage. Meanwhile, improper handling and storage practices can also cause bacterial or fungal contamination and can be subject to several health issues and risks.

5. Increased Purine Content

Among the natural compounds found in mushrooms are Purines and excessive intake can lead to the accumulation of uric acid. Not only this but it can also increase the risk of gout or kidney stones in susceptible individuals.

In addition, if you are concerned about “Are portobello mushrooms explosive?”, you should know that they contain a decent amount of agaritine. For those unversed, agaritine can make hydrazine, which is used in explosives or rocket fuel.

6. Effects on Thyroid

Besides several other substances, portobello mushrooms contain goitrogens, one of the types of compounds that can interfere with the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Despite mushrooms having only small amounts of goitrogens within them, individuals having thyroid issues should avoid its intake in any form.

Are Mushrooms Healthy? 8 Negative Effects of Portobello Mushrooms
Photo by Pixabay

7. Toxicity in Dogs

And if you’re preparing mushroom meals and not sure whether you should serve the same to your pet dogs, you should read it. Mushrooms along with portobello mushrooms can cause various symptoms in dogs including vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, tumours, seizures, or even organ failures in dogs. Hence, you should avoid or ban from feeding any mushroom meals to your pet dog. And if you’ve fed them already, you can witness portobello mushroom poisoning symptoms in your dog, try calling a vet as soon as possible.

8. Environmental Concerns

In addition to all of the above, excessive cultivation of mushrooms can contribute to several unsustainable hazards. The list includes deforestation, excessive water usage, and the emission of greenhouse gases. Hence, it is beneficial to support healthy and environmentally friendly cultivation practices.

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Do Portobello Mushrooms Cause Cancer?

Soon after the Paul Stamets portobello mushroom controversy, many individuals became concerned about the several hazards that come with its consumption. However, portobello mushrooms cannot cause cancer. On the contrary, they are known for their anticancer properties. Research shows that this variety of mushrooms can stimulate immune cells while stopping the growth and regeneration of cancer cells.


Mushrooms, including portobello mushrooms, have several nutritional and healthy food benefits; however, if only it is prepared properly and consumed within limits. A healthy portobello mushroom recipe includes washing them thoroughly with lukewarm water. 

The process also includes removing their gills as they can contain hazardous bacteria and can lead to “portobello mushroom hydrazine” impact.

In addition, maintaining an appropriate cooking temperature is also important to ensure that it is well-cooked. Meanwhile, with the mentioned procedure,  you can add it to your daily meal routine without any health harm.

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