What Does DTB Mean in Messaging?

What Does DTB Mean in Messaging?

Slangs and acronyms flung across social media and text messages have created a whole different vocabulary. They can be confusing when you do not know their meaning or intention. The funniest part is, new words and acronyms are being created every day – you never know which one becomes popular and sticks around. DTB is one such acronym. Let’s learn its implications.

DTB stands for Don’t Text Back. Yes, it is just as simple as that. Commonly used while texting, this harmless acronym is used to deter the other party in a conversation from replying. 

But what do you make out of it? Is it rude to end a message with DTB? To whom should you send this, and how should you react to it? 

Let’s say you are in a meeting and you cannot possibly check your messages. But there’s also something very urgent that you need to convey to your partner. You sneak the phone under the table, use your ninja typing skills to type out the message, and end it with DTB. It tells your partner not to text back. 

Of course, some people use DTB to almost an irritating effect. Imagine someone starts a conversation with you and you two end up disagreeing on something. You logically refute the idea presented by the other person, and they simply write DTB. That is not a pleasant scenario. But, you know, it’s better not to waste your logic on people who like to live in their own bubble of self-manufactured truth.

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When should you not use DTB?

I can think of two scenarios that may sometimes overlap. 

One, if you are talking to a superior at the office or your teacher – someone who has the power to alter your life – it’s better not to use DTB lest they feel offended.

Two, if you think there’s a chance the other party might not share the same palette of social slang as you. For instance, if your grandma is anything like mine, she might just text you back to ask what DTB means. Just spell it out, in such cases.

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