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What Is Jada Pinkett-Smith Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Jada Pinkett-Smith Net Worth In 2022?

Jada Pinkett has been much in the news since the Oscar 2022 controversy. Yes, we are all quite aware of what happened there between actor Will Smith and Chris Rock. When Chris Rock cracked a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia and various other issues that surrounded the famous Hollywood couple. Later on, Will Smith even apologized to Chris Rock and the Oscar drama continues as a part of the news even to date. However, the entire incident has left the audience all over the world wondering about the Jada Pinkett-Smith net worth. There are so many questions that are revolving around the Maryland-born director, producer, author, and singer. 

Jada Pinkett Smith and Her Life 

How much is Jada Pinkett sSmith net worth? First, let us know about her. Jada Pinkett was born in Baltimore, Maryland on 18th September 1971. Jada was born when her mother was studying. Her mother Adrienne Banfield – Norris was in high school when she brought Jada into the world. Although her parents went on to get married later on. The marriage did not last long and Jada’s father abandoned them very soon. The famous Hollywood actress’s grandmother was the person who noticed her talent for acting and went on to enroll her in dance and piano classes. However, that did not make the actress what she is. 

What Is Jada Pinkett-Smith Net Worth In 2022?

The actress, later on, attended the Baltimore School of Arts. Here while her study, she met the famous rap star Tupac Shakur. It is said that the actress maintained a very close friendship with him till his last breath. Tupac Shakur was a person who not only had his faith in her talent but her belief in her talent too. This exploded in a much larger way when she shifted to Los Angeles in the 1990s. 

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Jada Pinkett-Smith Net Worth: Career

The actress started her career initially with TV shows like; Doggie Howser MD, 21 Jump Street, and True Colors. However, she got her first major break in a film that was released in 1993 called Menace II Society. The film was an American teen bond hood drama and was the directorial debut for Hughes Brothers. How much is Jada Pinkett smith worth? She had just started off back then. After that, she was a part of various big films. Some of Jada Pinkett smith movies are; Jason’s Lyrics, A Low Down Dirty Shame, The Nutty Professor, etc. The supremely talented Girls Trip actress is not only considered one of the most talented and renowned actresses in Hollywood. But she is also a role model to many women. This is only and solely because of the actress’s openness and honesty.  They are Jada Pinkett smith assets.

What Is Jada Pinkett-Smith Net Worth In 2022?

Some Interesting Facts About Jada Pinkett Smith

While wondering about the net worth of the actress, do we know the actress? Or is her net worth everything that is important? We will know about Jada Pinkett smith net worth in 2022, let us look into some interesting facts about the actress which you might have missed out on knowing. 

  1. Jada had met Will Smith, who later on became her husband in an audition. The audition was for an American Sitcom called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990 with six seasons. She was just 19 when she appeared for the audition. However, she did not get to play the character as the casting director thought that her height was too short for the role. Jada Pinkett smith height was her drawback. Later on, she was offered the role of Will Smith’s girlfriend which she did not accept. 
  2. We all know that she had attended the Baltimore School of Arts with Tupac Shakur and they were very close friends. However, it is said that Jada loved and considered Tupac as her brother. 

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Multi-Talented Women

  1. Being the multi-talented woman that we also know Jada Pinkett is, she also did a tick on her work checklist as an Executive Producer. She was the executive producer for Hawthrone, which was released in 2009 and has three seasons. She was not only an executive producer for the film, but she starred in it as well. 
  2. We do know that Jada Pinkett sings too. Do we all know that she had formed her metal band and named it Wicked Wisdom? The band was from Los Angeles and formed in 2002 by Jada Pinkett. The band, later on approval from the famous television personality Sharon Osbourne and was made a part of the Ozzfest slot in 2005. 
  3. Apart from being a multi-talented woman, did you know that Jada Pinkett is also a big-time animal lover? She had brought home a dog from China while she was there with her son who was shooting his film called the Karate-kid. Other than this, she also owns three snakes and has named them, beauty, passion, and logic. As per People Magazine, Jada Pinkett at a point in time had nine pets. 


You may ask, what is Jada Pinkett smith’s net worth? The answer is, as per the celebrity net worth, Jada Pinkett Smith’s net worth in 2022 is $50 million. But as a human and an individual she is way more valuable. She along with her family has helped to establish so many wells in Ethiopia. Joined hands with for establishing clean wells in several villages in Africa.  

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