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Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: What’s Her Fortune in 2024?

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: What’s Her Fortune in 2022?

Monica Lewinsky is an American TV personality who made headlines after her affair with the former American president, Bill Clinton, was made public. Besides being a television personality, she is a fashion designer, author, activist, and TV producer. Even though 25 years have passed, people still remember the tumultuous times when they were together. Looking away from that, Monica Lewinsky is a great TV personality with a successful career, and right now, the net worth of Monica Lewinsky is a whopping $1.5 million.

Lewinsky is also famous for her little yet massive contribution to a Beyonce album. A public outrage took place regarding a controversial choice of words in one of Beyonce’s latest albums, Renaissance. Monica thought to take a step forward and right the wrong for good. She decided to have a word with Lady Bey and asked her to revise the mention of hers in the song Partition. She made this declaration on Twitter.  

Beyonce originally released this song in 2013, and it also had major mentions during the initial stage of the #MeToo movement. In the year 2014, when Lewinsky wrote for Vanity Fair, she made sure to comment on the misgivings of this Beyonce song.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: What’s Her Fortune in 2022?

How Much is Monica Lewinsky’s net worth?

As of 2024, Monica Lewinsky net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. In 1999, Monica received a handsome advance of $500,000 for Monica’s Story, which was released as her memoir. She also received $1 million for her exclusive interview for 20/20 with Barbara Walters. Her appearance in this show made her stay in the limelight for quite a while.

Monica Lewinsky became a spokesperson for Jenny Graig in the year 2000. The deal stated that Monical had to lose 40 pounds in just six months to earn $1 million. However, it was Jenny Craig who ended the contract early and paid Lewinsky only $300,000 of the promised $1 million. Monica Lewinsky’s net worth could be higher if Jenny had not broken the contract with her. 

Some of Monica Lewinsky’s other notable TV credits include:

  • FX Series: FX Impeachment: American Crime Story (Executive Producer)
  • 15 Minutes of Shame — Documentary (Executive Producer)
  • Mr Personality (Reality Show Host)

Lewinsky has also appeared on some of the most popular shows, such as:

  • The View
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • Graham Norton
  • Last Week with John Oliver

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Monica Lewinsky’s Early Life

If you wonder who Monica Lewinsky is, then you’ll get to see numerous ways in which she has been described from time to time. Monica Lewinsky has made headlines for several different reasons, but the most prominent one was regarding her affair with former American President Bill Clinton.

Monica Lewinsky was born into an affluent family in San Francisco, which is in California. She grew up in Westside Brentwood in Los Angeles and later moved to Beverly Hills, one of the most expensive residential localities in America. She was born to Marcia Kay Vilensky and Bernard Lewinsky. Monica Lewinsky’s mother is an author who writes under the name Marcia Lewis, and her father was a famous oncologist.

Monica, along with her family, attended Sinai Temple, located in L.A., and she went to Sinai Akiba Academy. Her school was affiliated with the temple itself. Monica attended John Thomas Dye School for her primary education in Bel-Air. She later went to Beverly Hills High School for three years before her transfer to Bel Air Prep, from which she finally graduated in 1991.

More about Monica Lewinsky

After Lewinsky graduated from high school, she went to Santa Monica College. During this time, she was also working as an active member of the Beverly Hills High School Drama Department. Monica Lewinsky has worked in a tie shop as well during her college days. She joined Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, in 1993, where she graduated in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Monica Lewinsky, with some assistance from a family connection, secured a place as an unpaid summer intern in the White House. She worked in the office of Leon Panetta, who was serving as the White House Chief of Staff back then. In July 1995, Monica Lewinsky moved to Washington, DC, and later, in December 1995, with a fully paid position, she went to the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: What’s Her Fortune in 2022?

Monica Lewinsky Assets

Monica has always been passionate about cars and Monica Lewinsky’s salary, being $450,000, she has successfully turned her passion into reality. She owns some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world. Her car collection includes:

  • Rolls Royce Ghost ($950,000)
  • Porsche 911 ($280,000)
  • Range Rover Autobiography ($210,000)
  • Lexus GX ($160,000)
  • Audi Q8 ($155,000)
  • BMW X9 ($150,000)
  • Toyota Vellfire ($130,000)

Apart from this super-luxurious car collection, Monica also has her fair share of investment in real estate. Monica Lewinsky resides in a luxury house in Sacramento, California. This house is 13,000 square feet in size, and it cost Monica Lewinsky a total of $8 million to purchase this beauty.

Personal Life: Is Monica Lewinsky married?

Following her affair with Bill Clinton, “Monica Lewinsky’s husband” was one of the much-sought Internet topics. Nevertheless, as of 2024, Monica Lewinsky is unmarried. On the contrary, in a media interaction, Monica mentioned that she dated a few; however, none of them were serious. She explained, “With every man I date (yes, I date!), I go through some degree of 1998 whiplash. I need to be extremely circumspect about what it means to be ‘public’ with someone.”

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Where is Monica Lewinsky now?

According to the news, after taking a long break, Monica Lewinsky is now the producer of FX Impeachment: American Crime Story.

How old is Monica Lewinsky?

Born on 23rd July 1973, Monica Lewinsky’s age 51 years (as of 2024).

What is Monica Lewinsky doing now?

Monica Lewinsky is producing FX Impeachment: American Crime Story.

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