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When Will ‘All American: Homecoming’ Season 3 Come on Netflix? 

When Will ‘All American: Homecoming’ Season 3 Come on Netflix? 
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All American used to be the only sports drama on the CW network. Competing with the Arrowverse and IP based shows, All American found its corner with a steady, passionate audience base. It got renewed for a sixth season in 2023. 

All American: Homecoming, created by Nkechi Okoro is a spin off of the original series that came out in 2022. The spin off has now run for two seasons and received a lot of love from fans. However, after the leadership change at CW network, there was a lot of speculation about the future of the show. Relieving fans, CW has added season 3 of All American: Homecoming to its roster on 12th June. The third season will have 13 episodes.

All American: Homecoming was initially supposed to stream on HBO Max. But Netflix struck a deal with HBO and acquired the rights. It’s hard to tell when the third season will appear on Netflix since we do not yet have its release date on CW. 

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If All American: Homecoming starts airing on CW in October, we can expect its Netflix debut in April 2024, 9 days after the final episode airs on CW. If it gets a midseason premiere on CW, it could take until June 2024 for the show to come on Netflix.

All American, has been a favorite among millennials and Gen Z viewers. It is somewhat of a beacon of hope, especially for the people of color. The spin off carries the same baton as it presents a different story in the same universe. If you haven’t watched All American, it might be a bit difficult to enjoy All American: Homecoming to the fullest. Both shows carry a solid feel good vibe. Something you can count upon to boost your mood.

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