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Who is Weston Cage? Everything You Need To Know

Who is Weston Cage? Everything You Need To Know

Weston Cage Coppola is a famous person who acts and makes music. He is the son of another famous actor, Nicolas Cage. Weston Cage has acted in movies like Drive Angry, Joe, Lord of War, D-Day, and Mojave Diamonds. 

He is a musician who plays heavy metal music and has been in bands like Arsh Anubis, Eyes of Noctum, and Netherworld Oracles. He has appeared in big movies and released his own music album called The Wolf.

Early Life and Family

Weston was born on December 26, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. His parents are actor Nicolas Cage and Christina Fulton. He grew up in Hollywood with famous people like Jim Carrey, Ozzy Osbourne, and Cary Elwes because his family was also famous. 

Weston Cage is the son’s son of August Coppola and the brother/sister’s son of Francis Ford Coppola and Talia Shire. He has a half-brother named Kal-El Cage from his dad’s marriage to Alice Kim Cage.

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Music Career

Weston started playing guitar at 10 and loved music. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Dimmu Borgir impacted him. He joined Eyes of Noctum as Arcane at 14 in 2008. Weston sang lead, with Shawn Smocke (Moloch) on bass, Ryan Schroeder (Templar) on keyboards, Brendon Schroeder (Donner) on drums, and Asmodeus (Real Name Unknown) on guitars. In 2009, rhythm and lead guitarists Andy Kireitov (Vardar) and Jesse Wroe (Neboran) replaced Asmodeus. Inceptum was their 2009 album. 

The band disbanded in 2012 after Moloch and Templar left in 2010. Weston established Arsh Anubis in 2011. “Anubis’ Throne” is the band’s Arabic name. Weston again sang lead and played keyboards. 2011 bassist Soufiane Elyamouni (Apophis) joined the band. Drummer Ismail Ennaim and guitarist Alhussain Sherif joined in 2012. 2012’s Anubis’ Army Guided by Hades was the band’s debut demo. 

Daniel Collabolletta (Troll) replaced Ismail Ennaim (Drums) in 2013. 2015’s Netherworld Oracles was the band’s debut full-length. The band hasn’t officially separated since 2021, but Weston’s film career has kept them inactive. Weston has had many solo side endeavors. Dynasty of Darkness’ “Diuum Deus” was his solo debut. “Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery)” was his 2014 solo song. Prehistoric Technology was his 2015 solo album.

Acting Career

When Weston was young, he appeared in small parts in different movies. He was in a movie called Lord of War with his dad. Weston Cage played a character named Vladimir, who fixed helicopters. He played different roles in different movies, such as Rage, Joe, Drive Angry, and D-Day. 

Col James Earl Rudder is played by Max Cashman, and Jake is played by Mojave Diamonds. Weston has been on some TV shows like Ravenous and The Odd Couple. He played a young character in both shows.

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Personal Life

Weston got married three times and has four children. He got married to Nikki Williams in 2011. She was a singer and songwriter. He got married again in 2013 to Danielle Cage, a trainer for people who want to be fit. 

They had a baby boy in 2014 and named him Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage. They ended their marriage in 2016. He married his third wife, Hila Aronian, who works as a real estate agent, in 2018. They are parents of three kids named Cypress, Venice, and Sorin. Weston changed his religion to Judaism before getting married to Hila.

Other Things

Weston had problems with drugs and being healthy in the past. He got in trouble with the police three times. Two times in 2011 because he hurt someone at home, and once in 2017 because he drove while he had been drinking too much alcohol. He got help and stopped drinking alcohol in 2018.

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