5 Best & Most Affordable Online Therapy Platforms

5 Best & Most Affordable Online Therapy Platforms

Mental health is an essential aspect of life. It affects our daily functioning, quality of relationships, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, seeking therapy to address mental health issues can be pretty expensive in some traditional settings – making it difficult for many individuals to access the help they need. 

Fortunately, a number of effective online therapy services have emerged which provide budget-friendly options for people looking to get the care they need without breaking the bank. 

In this post, we will share five of our top picks for the most cost-effective online therapy services that offer excellent value and quality care at an affordable rate.

1. Calmerry

Calmerry is the go-to platform for anyone looking to improve their mental well-being and attain a healthier lifestyle. After all, 98% of its users are satisfied with the services.

Finding the right therapist can sometimes be challenging, but Calmerry offers features such as free therapist switching and fast client-counselor matching to streamline the process. Plus, they allow clients to cancel or renew their subscriptions easily and anytime.

Security and privacy are also prioritized since they are HIPAA-compliant and ensure that all personal information and therapy session data stay encrypted on their servers. Moreover, studies have revealed that online depression therapy is just as effective as traditional in-person therapy.

The Cost of Online Therapy at Calmerry

Calmerry presents a selection of subscription plans to its clients, each tailored to their specific needs and preferences:

  1. Messaging-Only Package: Clients can benefit from unlimited text therapy sessions for a flat rate of $198 per month, or approximately $49.59 per week.
  2. Messaging and 1 Video Package: This plan offers clients one live video session along with unlimited text therapy for $247 per month or approximately $61.75 per week.
  3. Messaging and 4 Videos Package: For $293 per month, or approximately $73.25 per week, clients can enjoy four live video therapy sessions in addition to unlimited text therapy.

While Calmerry does not accept insurance at the moment, the platform can provide you with a receipt on-demand. You can then use the said receipt for either partial or full reimbursement from your insurance provider. 

2. 7 Cups

7 Cups is a great resource for people seeking either short or long-term mental health counseling. The licensed therapists at 7 Cups value being able to provide HIPAA-compliant support to all their clients. However, it’s important to mention that they only offer messaging therapy, which means it is not the best choice for those seeking video therapy sessions.

Nevertheless, they have millions of users because of the convenience 7 Cups provides; you can message your therapist as much as you like during their workday hours from Monday to Friday while knowing your conversations are anonymous, private, and held in a secure chatroom environment. 

While health insurance plans may not cover 7 Cups’ services, the access to high-quality counseling they offer is invaluable and worth the discounted fee they charge.

The Cost of Online Therapy at 7 Cups

7 Cups offers an affordable online messaging therapy service at the following rate:

  • For $150 per month, clients can have counseling with a licensed therapist. You can message your therapist as often as you like, and there are no hidden fees or usage limits.

3. Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

Open Path is a vital resource for individuals who lack adequate health insurance coverage or access to traditional forms of care. Their mission is to provide people with access to quality and affordable mental health services, supporting clients from all walks of life who cannot pay current market rates for therapy. 

With a nationwide network of vetted professionals providing in-person and virtual care, this nonprofit helps individuals on their healing journey. Open Path has even earned the recognition of Michelle Obama in her recent book “The Light We Carry” as a much-needed service for middle and lower-income families and individuals.

Beyond gaining recognition from one of the nation’s most influential figures, Open path has also received acclaim from prestigious media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and ABC News.

The Cost of Online Therapy at Open Path

Open Path is exclusively for individuals with an annual household income of less than $100,000 and insufficient mental health insurance coverage. For those who qualify, this is how much it costs:

  • There is a $65 one-time membership fee to join.
  • After joining, it costs $40-$70 for individuals or $40-$80 for couples and families for a 50-minute session.
  • For students, it costs $30 per 50-minute session.

4. Online-Therapy

If you’re looking for an affordable online therapy platform that respects your privacy, may be the right choice for you. With the flexibility to connect on any device, you can access instant support anywhere worldwide.

Online-Therapy provides a complete online solution that includes virtual video and
messaging therapy, online courses, books, and worksheets – all of which are based on
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Research has proven that CBT treatments have
similar benefits in traditional in-person and online therapy settings. To avail of such
therapies for your well-being you can take adolescent iop treatment near me.

Furthermore, they prioritize your privacy; all information shared is encrypted and stored securely so only you and your therapist can access it. Plus, if you need to, you can cancel your subscription anytime with no hassle.

The Cost of Online Therapy at Online-Therapy

All packages at Online-Therapy include an 8-section CBT program with 25 worksheets. Additionally, Online-Therapy offers a 20% discount on the first month of any subscription plan:

  • Basic: This package includes unlimited messaging for $50 per week.
  • Standard: For $80 per week, you get unlimited messaging plus one 45-minute live session per week. Clients can have the live session via video, voice, or text.
  • Premium: This package costs $110 per week and includes unlimited messaging with faster replies plus two 45-minute live sessions per week.
  • Couples Therapy: This package includes unlimited couples messaging and one 45-minute live session for $110 weekly.

5. Cerebral

Cerebral is a modern online therapy platform that offers secure and confidential support for anyone seeking help with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Their licensed professionals, trained in evidence-based practices, provide expert guidance to help clients develop life-long strategies and skills to reduce their symptoms over time. 

If medication is prescribed, the licensed prescribers at Cerebral are experts in aiding clients in determining which medications best suit their needs. Plus, the cost of delivery is included free within their plan.

Publications like Bloomberg, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal have recognized Cerebral’s commitment to providing affordable, non-judgmental care. And the 4700+ Trustpilot reviews give an average 4 out of 5-star rating – illustrating the reliability of Cerebral’s services.

The Cost of Online Therapy at Cerebral

Here’s an overview of Cerebral’s pricing:

  • Medication + Therapy plan: Costing $365 monthly, it provides medication and a weekly therapy session with a licensed therapist. It also offers ongoing video or phone appointments, unlimited messaging with its care team, and medication delivery. Prescription costs are separate but can be insurance eligible.
  • Therapy plan: For clients not interested in medication, Cerebral offers a monthly therapy plan costing $295. This subscription includes a weekly session with a licensed therapist.

Final Thoughts on Affordable Therapy

Our review showcases five online therapy platforms committed to providing millions worldwide with accessible, meaningful, and affordable mental health care. Calmerry, 7 Cups, Open Path,, and Cerebral, are excellent options for those seeking a convenient and budget-friendly way to receive online therapy without sacrificing quality or expertise. 

Each platform offers a distinct set of features customized to address various mental health needs and challenges and improve overall well-being. If you’re searching for a cost-effective and efficient way to access mental health care, we recommend exploring these five options to find the perfect fit for your preferences and budget.

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