7 Blockchain Certifications and Courses to Advance in Career

Are you looking to advance in your career as a blockchain developer? Perhaps you want to embark on a blockchain development as a fresh graduate? May be you want to transition from a software engineering career to blockchain. Irrespective of the reason, you can take blockchain certifications.

Why should you take blockchain certifications?

Blockchain technology has gained prominence across various industries. With Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, and decentralization of database, it has made various aspects of business operations more secure, transparent, and faster. Thus, giving more impetus to the demand for blockchain professionals.

Blockchain is advancing both ways—adoption and innovation. The blockchain technology is still in its infancy, so its education isn’t as widespread, and lacks familiarity among new entrants. Thus, it leaves large scope for innovation. Taking blockchain certification equips you with technical knowledge, practical skills, and familiarize with use cases and empowers you to innovate, and use blockchain to your advantage, making you an in-demand asset for organizations in need of talent skilled in blockchain.

Top Blockchain Certifications

Now that you’re familiar with the need for blockchain certifications, here are some top certifications which you can go for –

1. Blockchain Specialization Certification from State University of New York

This certification teaches programming skills on Ethereum. Taking this certification will equip you with foundation concept of blockchain, designing and implementing smart contracts, and methods for developing dapps (or decentralized apps). You can take this certification on Coursera.

2. Certified Blockchain Engineer by Blockchain Council

This certification is meant for beginners. It equips you with knowledge of blockchain technology and trains you to build blockchain based apps for businesses. You will gain a thorough knowledge of blocklchain use cases in the industry. You can take this certification on Blockchain Council’s website.

3. Business Blockchain Professional by CBCA

CBCA ( Central Blockchain Council of America) is a leading certification body in blockchain domain. This certification covers key knowledge areas required for blockchain development in the business environment today. However, to qualify for this certification, you need to have at least two years of experience in web development or related domain.

You can take this certification by registering on CBCA’s website. Further, to prepare for certification, the organization provides study preparation kit.

4. Blockchain certification by UC Berkeley

This certification is offered by UC Berkeley. This certification covers the underlying concepts of distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain ecosystem. This certification is open to anyone including students and people who is looking to move to blockchain development.You can take this certification on edX.

5. Certified Blockchain Professional by BIT

Blockhain Institiute of Technology is a prominent blockchain certification institution. This certification offered by the institute is meant for professionals who are already working in blockchain development and want to further advance their knowledge and skills in blockchain. Prior experience working with cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, Ethereum or any blockchain related application is mandatorily required to take this certification. You can register for this certification on the institute’s website.

6. Blockchain Training and Certification by Edureka

Edureka offers specialized training and certification program for blockchain developers. This training program introduces you to the concepts of blockchain and its platforms – Bitcoin, Ethereaum, Hyperledger, and Multichain. You will learn to develop smart contracts with Solidity. You can study and take the certification on Edureka.

7. Blockchain Certification Course by Simplilearn

This is an introductory certification course on blockchain development. This course gives an overview of blockchain development and familiarizes candidates with blockchain development tools including Ganache, Truffle, and Meta Mask. Candidates develop their own private blockchain network using Hyperledger and develop smart contract using Ethereum.

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