7 Ways To Increase Product Visibility

7 Ways To Increase Product Visibility

You may have created a great product but what if nobody is buying it? Not only will you have wasted your time but your money will have been wasted too. As your business likely relies on product sales, you will have plenty of reason to worry if your products aren’t selling. 

To improve your chances of business success, you will need to increase product visibility, especially if sales are noticeably low. 

Here are just a few of the steps you need to take to achieve this aim.

1. Don’t use a generic design

If your product and the packaging it comes in are generic in design, then people are hardly likely to give your product a second look. This is especially true if your competitors have gone to greater lengths to make their products stand out on store shelves or online marketplaces. 

Therefore, find ways to personalize your product and the packaging to ensure it catches the eyes of others. You can do this with the use of brand stickers on your packaging, for example, and custom woven labels if they make sense for your product. You could also design your products in such a way that they look markedly different from those sold by your competitors. For example, in cosmetic packaging design, choosing unconventional shapes or bold colors can make a significant difference. This tactic ensures your products pop on the shelves and immediately draw the customer’s eye. It’s an excellent way to set your items apart from those of your competitors, enhancing brand recognition and appeal.

By taking such steps, your product is more likely to stand out to consumers and as such, you might improve your chances of product sales. 

2. Rise to the top of Google’s search listings

If you rely on your website for product sales, you need to make sure your site is near the top of Google’s search listings. If it’s languishing behind that of your competitors, your website won’t be noticed and neither will the products you are selling. 

To ensure your website ranks higher then, you need to focus on SEO. By taking the appropriate steps, such as improving page load speeds and optimizing your site for mobile devices, you should see your website climb higher. As a result of this, more consumers will become aware of your products as they will be less likely to visit the websites of those business rivals who haven’t taken steps to improve their SEO. 

3. Hire an online influencer

Online influencers are people with a dedicated following on their social media pages and who can promote your product to their followers. 

An influencer can be anyone online. It could be a fashion photographer on Instagram, a respected business professional on LinkedIn, or a YouTube celebrity that targets your chosen demographic. If you can offer them some kind of reward for promoting your products, they are more likely to raise awareness of your product with their followers.

Check out our guide to working with influencers to learn more and then begin the search for the people that can help you increase your product visibility. 

4. Enlist the help of friends and family

If your friends and family members are active online, they could post links to your products on their social media pages and websites. They could also talk about your product offline to the people that they mingle with on a daily basis.

It’s a good idea to give product samples to your friends and family members. This way, they will be able to wear or use your products and show them off to others. If interest is raised by any particular party, your enlisted helpers could point them to your website or place of business. 

Of course, you could be active in this way too, as could your employees, as you could all market your product when you’re going about your daily lives. 

7 Ways To Increase Product Visibility

5. Step up your online marketing

SEO and influencer marketing are two ways to increase product visibility. However, as you will probably know already, there are many other ways to market your product online, from social media advertising to email marketing. 

If your marketing is working for you, then great. But if product sales have been low, then you will need to step up your online marketing to push the word of your product out there to your target demographic.

It might be that you can handle your marketing in-house but if sales have been lacking, you might want to outsource your marketing to professionals, such as those who specialize in social media marketing or content writing. 

6. Find ways to market your product offline

We have already touched upon this in the fourth point on our list, but there are other ways to market your product offline. 

You could create pamphlets and flyers that promote your product, for example, and hand them to consumers at local events.

You could also set up a display table outside or inside your store, or at a local event, so consumers can try out your product for themselves. 

If you’re launching a new product or if you simply want to raise more awareness about your existing products, you could organize your own event and invite people from your local community to it. 

There are other ways to increase the visibility of your product offline. For example, you could:

  • Send out a press release
  • Participate in trade shows
  • Talk about your product on a local news station

7. Ask for customer reviews

If your existing customers are happy with your product, you could ask them to write reviews that can be placed on a specific page on your business website. You could also ask them to write reviews on any of the business review sites that are relevant to your business. 

While some customers will be happy to leave a review with no reward, there’s no harm in offering a discount to the customers who support you, even though this is a form of gentle bribery. 


These are just a few of the ways to increase product visibility so consider our suggestions and then look at other articles around our website for related advice. By taking some of the steps we have suggested here, you will increase product visibility and this will hopefully equate to more profits for your business. 

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