A Complete Guide on TikTok Gifts Worth

A Complete Guide on TikTok Gifts Worth

TikTok is a popular video-sharing app that offers various customization options. Videos may be recorded, merged, edited, and shared. TikTok gifts, which are monetary contributions from a user’s fans, are another feature available on the app. Short videos are uploaded and streamed online, where creators showcase their skills and interests. 

Users may give gifts to their favorite artists if they wish to show their appreciation. These points function similarly to the contributions made to streamers on Twitch TV. Millions of views per video are possible for the most prominent TikTok influencers. So, let’s know how much are Tiktok gifts worth.

What are TikTok Gifts?

TikTok Gifts are digital gifts that you may offer to your preferred platform creators. You must buy the Gifts on TikTok first with coins or real money. When given, the TikTok gifts will subsequently be turned into Diamonds. Diamonds earned on TikTok may be exchanged for cash.

It is possible to monetize your TikTok account by giving and receiving presents. Gifts on TikTok are an excellent way for fans to show appreciation for their favorite artists. TikTok gifts may take many shapes and sizes. You may purchase diamonds for varying amounts of Coins depending on the gift value. The monetary value of each present is, thus, different.

How Much Are Tiktok Gifts Worth?

Do you want to know how much are TikTok gifts worth? Well, TikTok has yet to disclose its real conversion rates, but you can roughly calculate the value of TikTok gifts.

TikTok gifts may be valued in terms of the number of money or Diamonds. Due to the complexity of the many conversions, it may be challenging to put a price on it. Furthermore, TikTok has yet to publicize its conversion numbers, so there is no foolproof data analysis method.

The primary data suggests that the most conservative value for a single coin is around $0.01 (rounded down). As a result, a TikTok gift valued at 1,000 coins is worth around $10 to the buyer. Smaller TikTok gifts may cost as little as five pennies, making each gift merely $0.05 in value. The purchaser may easily calculate the current value of each gift.

The math becomes much more complicated when these TikTok gifts are exchanged for Diamonds. There is no one set price for a diamond. They have no fixed value until they are redeemed, at which point the market will determine their worth.

However, opinion leaders often rely on approximated valuations when determining a Diamond’s worth. This value is derived from the assumption that a single diamond is worth two coins. Therefore, the influencer will get 0.5 coins for each donation. That influencer will get 2,500 coins for their 5,000-coin donation. The following provides a simple conversion scale:

  • $0.01 = 1 coin
  • 2 coins = 1 Diamond
  • $1 = 200 Diamonds

However, the influencer only receives half of the total amount donated. The remaining 50% is TikTok’s compensation for using the site. A 5,000-coin gift is only worth around 2,500 coins to the recipient. It means that a contribution the sender values at $50 only nets them $25. However, since TikTok retains 50%, they can only withdraw $12.5.

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How Much is a Lion on TikTok Live?

Many users want to know how much is a Lion on TikTok live. The lion gift on TikTok costs 29,999 coins or around 400 USD. The lion is one of the costlier gifts you may give people on TikTok.

How Much is a Galaxy on TikTok Live?

It takes one thousand TikTok coins to purchase the Galaxy gift. It is the same as spending $13 to $15, depending on how many coins you buy at once. However, it should be noted that the author will not get 100% of the profits. Diamonds, the in-game currency used to reward creators, may be exchanged for cash anytime. Now you know how much is a galaxy on TikTok live, you can purchase it and send it to your favorite creators. 

How Much is a Rose on TikTok Live?

Many users like Rose and want to know how much is a Rose on TikTok live. Therefore, one coin, or around 1.4 U.S. cents, buys you a rose as a gift on TikTok. The rose is one of the least expensive options for sending gifts on TikTok Live. 

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How Much is a Whale on TikTok Live?

It costs around 2150 coins and is called “whale diving” in the app. 


TikTok gifts are a fun way for followers to express appreciation for their preferred creators. You can send these TikTok gifts via both live and non-live videos. Artists may benefit from their followers’ generosity and goodwill if they meet the requirements. They’ll need to become more well-known before they can start receiving TikTok gifts. However, creators and viewers should appreciate that TikTok and similar sites generate more money-making methods.