Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous? The Ultimate Guide to Selling Feet Pics

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous? The Ultimate Guide to Selling Feet Pics

Is selling feet pics dangerous? If you want to make money from photos of your feet online, this is one of the first things you’ll want to know. Nowadays, one of the most profitable businesses is selling pictures of people’s feet. With a simple Google search, you can find hundreds of websites that sell pictures of feet for a few dollars up to a hundred dollars or more. 

You’ll learn everything about making money by selling feet pics for beginners on the internet today. 

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

If careful, selling pictures of people’s feet is completely safe. You must utilize safe payment methods and keep your data safe. But there’s always the chance of falling victim to con artists or having your images leaked without your knowledge. Always use caution and preventative measures to protect yourself and your personal information while online.

How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

Selling feet pics reviews’ that keeping yourself safe from fraudsters is crucial when selling foot pics online. 

  • Set firm limits and only deal with trustworthy customers who abide by them. 
  • You should use a safe payment option like PayPal or Venmo. 
  • Always follow your gut and avoid deals that seem too good to be true.

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Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics

There are several pros and cons:


  • Income without effort.
  • Earn more.
  • Market accessibility.
  • Easy signup.
  • The photographs are in demand.
  • You don’t need a photographer.
  • Cheap startup.
  • Fun to do.


  • Need to promote photos.
  • Buyers may have odd requirements, so be flexible.
  • May have demanding photo-obsessed clientele.
  • Scams exist. 

How to sell feet pics online?

If you go about it correctly, selling pictures of people’s feet online may be lucrative. Create a portfolio of your best work and establish your rates first. Use social media and niche websites to spread the word about your offerings and provide certain payment procedures. Keep your distance from prospective customers and follow your gut if dealing with actual ones. 

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous? The Ultimate Guide to Selling Feet Pics

Where to sell feet pics for free?

Free foot photo-selling platforms include FeetFinder, Foap, and Instafeet. However, you should check out each service’s reputation thoroughly before joining up with them. Social media sites like Instagram and Twitter may also be used to promote your business and reach a wide audience. It only takes a little work to discover unpaid venues where you can peddle your foot photos if you are selling feet pics as a man.

How to make money selling feet pics?

It takes some planning and works to make selling feet pics income. Get started with photography by building a portfolio of your best work. Establish reasonable rates, and publicize your offerings on appropriate online platforms. Set up safe means of payment and clear parameters with your customers.

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How Much Can You Make Selling Feet Pics?

This depends on the popularity and quantity of your sold foot photographs. Some women, however, earn $70,000 or more annually by selling images of their feet. All of this depends on the photographs’ quality, popularity, and the rate at which they sell.

Tips for selling feet pics

If done well, selling feet pics for beginners online may be a successful side business. Get your photography career off the ground by assembling a solid portfolio and charging fair rates. Use hashtags and conversations with possible clients to promote your services on social media and niche websites. Establish reliable means of transaction and fixed parameters with customers. 

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous? The Ultimate Guide to Selling Feet Pics

What Apps Can I Sell Feet Pics On?

The top apps for selling feet pics are:

  • Feet Finder
  • Instafeet
  • Feetpics
  • Only Fans
  • Dollar Feet
  • Wikifeet
  • Foap

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Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

If you take the proper steps, selling pictures of feet is completely lawful. Maintain secrecy by disabling location services and making use of a VPN. Click high-quality photos of your feet, then post them to a trusted marketplace. Use a watermark on your photos, have customers sign a contract, and require upfront payment to avoid potential legal issues. Selling feet pics reviews following these guidelines will greatly increase your chance of a risk-free experience.

How to get started selling feet pics?

It takes some preparation and planning to start selling foot photos. Get started with photography by making a portfolio of your best work. Establish reasonable rates and investigate possible clients and sales channels for your photographs. Promote your offerings on social media or niche websites, and provide foolproof payment procedures. Always put the privacy of your clients first. 

Are feet pictures worth selling?

Selling images of your feet online may be lucrative if you are selling feet pics as a man. This is because it requires no time or effort beyond taking care of your feet. Photographs of feet are in great demand from both shoe companies and fetishists. Modern technology has meant that mobile phones have great cameras, so if you handle it well, you may earn profit.

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How much can you make a month selling feet pics?

The selling feet pics income is subject to several variables, such as the quality of your images, the rates you choose, and the level of demand for your services. A seller’s monthly income might range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Depending on your level of concentration and marketing skills, selling foot photos online might be a lucrative side business.


You should know how the internet works and the many ways in which your privacy might be compromised before you start selling pictures of your foot. Although there is a little risk that your foot photos would be used maliciously, platforms and purchasers should be treated cautiously. 

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