A Complete Guide to Helium Mining & How It Works

A Complete Guide to Helium Mining & How It Works

Helium (HNT) is an advanced cryptocurrency constructed on the Helium blockchain, which offers a secure and reliable radio frequency network for enabling communication between Internet of Things devices.

The Helium network is supported by Hotspots, a decentralized cluster of mining nodes owned and operated by its operators. These Hotspots guarantee expansive public coverage for IoT devices connected to the Helium system, allowing them to communicate with each other securely.

How Helium Mining Works

Instead of CPUs or ASICs, Helium Mining uses radio wave technology. Blockchain technology further enhances this process by constructing a wireless network that surpasses the quality and reliability delivered by traditional service providers.

If you’re looking for a unique way to make some money, mining Helium hotspots is an excellent option. By setting up LoRaWAN transmitters and expanding The People’s Network coverage with suitable hotspots, miners can achieve HNT rewards in return. In other words, the more data a miner transfers from their device, the greater their reward amount will be.

The network also assigns proof-of-coverage tests to check the position of hotspots randomly and automatically. Hotspots receive “challenges” from validators who ask them to share data with any close hotspot for observation and verification to be part of PoC, which are called “beacons.” However, HNT miners without neighbors, who can only mine HNT for data transfer, get paid less because they cannot confirm their beacons.

In addition, every device compatible with the network requires data credits (DCs) to send data online. Through a Burn and Mint Equilibrium (BME), where HNT is utilized as an energy source and burned to create DCs, our system reduces the amount of total supply in circulation. Unlike other payment models that involve customers directly paying counterparties for services they use, this BME model enables users to pay by burning tokens instead.

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What Determines the Value of HNT 

The usefulness and applicability of the Helium Blockchain project determine the worth of the HNT token including how many nodes and participants are involved. The market value of both the blockchain technology and the token may not necessarily be equal.

How to Mine HNT

Every device not only works to expand the network’s coverage by sending PoC challenges to other routers but also responds to those sent from others and runs checks on closeby hotspots’ proof-of-concept activity.

By becoming a challenger to design challenges, users can reap up to 2.11% of total rewards based on their activity. Meanwhile, joining in the challenge will yield 11.78%, witnessing 47.11%, utilizing network data transfer at 35%, and being part of the consensus group at 6%. 

Depending on your geographical location, you will have access to a range of tasks. All activities that generate rewards are done at random and automatically. 33% of mining proceeds go towards Helium Inc., as well as investors. Every two years the amount of rewards given out is halved.

Mining rewards are far from guaranteed, and if you’re the only miner in your area, participating in other activities won’t get you any HNT. The only way to earn it is by becoming a Challenger.

Steps to Set Up Helium Miners

Step 1. Connect the power cables as well as the antenna 

Step 2. Download and install the iOS and Android Helium app, which is compatible with MNTD, Rak, Bobcat, and Syncrobit equipment models. The best helium miner app should be simple and easy to install. If your device does not support the stock Helium app, you can still access other apps for that particular model.

Sign up for the app and make sure to save your 12-word passphrase, which is required to restore your crypto wallet. Then set a 6-digit PIN code, choose the best Helium miner by selecting + add a Helium Hotspot Miner on the app, turn on Bluetooth of both devices (mobile phone and mining device), then press the BT button of the mining device in order to connect them together.

Open the app and press Scan for a Hotspot. Then pick the WiFi network from the list on your screen and type in its given password to connect it to your wallet application. When you’re finished pairing, you’ll be ready to start mining.

Is Helium Mining Worth the Effort?

Despite its volatility, the crypto industry is never without risk. Helium hotspots make use of device data transfer and prove coverage challenges with other proximal spots to foster a decentralized wireless network; yet how much do miners earn in return? By successfully finishing their tasks, they are awarded HNT tokens that act as digital currency credits.

By strategically positioning and angling your antennas, you can reap higher rewards with hotter HNT payouts. The higher the antenna is set up the farther it will be able to send out radio frequencies for a more efficient mining process. When the angle of your antenna is properly adjusted,  you’ll have access to better resources and increased earnings based on your geographical area.

Nevertheless, Helium mining could be futile in a region with hills due to weak signals. Therefore, it is essential to research thoroughly the venture you wish to invest in so that hefty losses can be avoided.