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A Glitch Continues to Plague Destiny 2: Another Player Reports Character Loss

A Glitch Continues to Plague Destiny 2: Another Player Reports Character Loss

Another Destiny 2 player has reported that their character profile was deleted. The incident raises anxiety among a wide swath of the gaming community.

A Destiny 2 fan became terrified to realize one of their characters missing upon logging on. The character deletion bug may have been plaguing players lately after another gamer found their own character mysteriously erased. It’s no surprise for gamers in this game to face strange bugs, yet this is undoubtedly a disastrous issue for fans who are subject to it.

The Destiny 2 community’s attention was recently captivated by a similar issue when CyanSolar found their Titan had been mysteriously eliminated from the character list following an unreliable connection. Fortunately, due to Liana Ruppert’s assistance as Bungie Community Manager and numerous developers’ hard work, they were able to retrieve their character in only two days.

A Glitch Continues to Plague Destiny 2: Another Player Reports Character Loss

This is not the first time players have seen something like this occur within the tight-knit group and it probably won’t be the last. Despite Bungie’s assurance that the situation was a single, isolated experience, another contestant has recently come forward with their own story.

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User Zzephiris took to Reddit and Twitter to express their concern over the disappearance of one of their Warlock characters. The user logged in and the character was gone. Unfortunately, there is no tangible proof that backs up this claim. Besides, the user’s DungeonReport profile settings are set to private, leading some fans to question its veracity. Thus, it has become difficult for them to verify Zzephiris’ character history due to this issue.

The Bungie Community Manager, Liana Ruppert, answered the post on Twitter to assure everyone that they are aware of this issue. Even so, it is likely that the team will not be able to address it at present due to the studio being closed for the weekend.

If the claims are accurate, this may be a widespread problem, not simply an isolated incident. Many fans have expressed concern that they will also suffer from such technical errors. These posts haven’t gained as much attention. But many members of the Destiny 2 community stated that they faced similar issues.

It is difficult to estimate how many people may have had their characters vanish due to the bug. Some believe it could be related to accounts associated with Stadia. In fact, Zzephiris mentioned that his account was linked to this platform.


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