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A Thirteen-Year-Old Boy From Oklahoma Becomes The First Person To “Beat” Tetris

A Thirteen-Year-Old Boy From Oklahoma Becomes The First Person To "Beat" Tetris

A teenager from Oklahoma has become the first human to beat Tetris, the video game by Nintendo, 34 years after its release. Willis Gibson shared a video of his achievement on YouTube. He reached level 157 within 38 minutes and beat the game, causing it to crash. He seems to declare in the video,” I’m going to pass out; I can’t feel my fingers.” Some years ago, players thought it was impossible to play after level 29.

The game was created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian engineer, but became popular after its release on the Nintendo entertainment system and Nintendo Game Boy handheld console in 1989. The game sees players arranging blocks falling from top to bottom into horizontal lines, with speed increasing constantly. It can be played on various platforms, including mobile phones.

Video by Blue Scuti

Thor Aackerlund, a professional gamer, reached level 30 in 2010. He used a technique called hypertapping, in which the controller can move faster than the game speed by vibrating his fingers accordingly. This made other players also try the hyper-tapping technique to reach the highest level, but until now, only AI has been capable of reaching the game’s true kill screen, which happens when the player reaches a level that causes the game to crash.

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Willis has played the game since he was 11 and has participated in many competitive games. He posted the video on his YouTube channel, Blue Scuti, in which his screen crashes after a 38-minute-long game and the blocks no longer fall. The teenager wrote on his YouTube channel, “When I started playing this game, I never expected to ever crash the game or beat it.” 

He said he broke three world records by beating the game. Many others are recording their attempts while streaming or uploading the videos on social media in an attempt to break the 13-year-old’s record.


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